Lesbian Couple Featured on Disney Channel

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My children were exposed to homosexuality via the Disney Channel tonight, and I almost cried.

How DARE the Disney Channel – of all channels – expose my children to … homosexuality?

Ya know, because, they've never seen any homosexuals before. We like to hide inside, from the real world n stuff.

Okay, enough jokes…

I was in the other room, working on some posts, while the girls were watching Good Luck Charlie. I overheard someone on the show say, “two moms, or two dads”. What the…?

I ran into the living room and asked, “WHAT WERE THEY TALKING ABOUT????”

My girls were all smiling and explained that two moms were on the show. I was like.. “you mean two moms two moms? Like lesbians?”

“Like actual lesbians?” – I just wanted to make sure before I ran off and blogged about it.

“Yes! One was a graphic designer and the other was (I forgot), and they were like you guys! Two moms!”

My face when I realized that they were for real featuring a lesbian couple:

lesbian couple disney


But .. but.. on the Disney Channel?

The backlash started almost immediately, but the support started to flow in – in droves! Obviously, though, it's more fun to feature the moronic homophobes and make fun of them or argue with them.

Lesbian Couple Featured on Disney Channel

I know the show is over, so it doesn't matter, but it does matter ‘cuz I'm gon' shine my Men in Black flasher thingie and make mah kids forget that they ever saw them homosexchuals.

Lesbian Couple Featured on Disney Channel

“This subject”… really? Turned it off immediately? They were featured for like 30 seconds, so you made them miss the ending of one of their favorite shows to try and hide them from what they obviously already saw. #Logic

Lesbian Couple Featured on Disney Channel

Adult topics? I don't get what is so “adult” about featuring this couple. Were these people saying the same things when they saw black and white people together back in the day? I mean, I really truly don't get it!

The comments weren't all bad, though. In fact, most were good. At the time of this post, there are over 1,500 comments on the post I'm talking about, and only about 25 of them are negative!

Lesbian Couple Featured on Disney Channel

This lady was just as happy as our girls were to see a same-sex couple featured! #SameLove

Unfortunately, children are now being exposed to same-sex marriage on a network that is designed for kids. This is the last place a parent would expect their children to be confronted with topics that are too complicated for them to understand. Issues of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon, and it is becoming extremely common and unnecessary. — One Million Moms (which is actually less than 100,000 moms)

Homosexuality is not complicated. You can try and shelter your kids all you want, but if they attend public school, they have encountered gay people. If they have shopped in public, at a grocery store, they have encountered gay people. Being gay is not an “adult topic”, just as “being straight” isn't. You let your kids watch princess movies from toddlerhood, but a gay couple is featured on a show for tweens and all hell breaks loose? No. It doesn't work that way. We aren't going to sit quietly while you try to raise another generation of homophobes.

At the end of the day, Disney's not going anywhere any time soon. If Disney's gotten on board (the ones that took until 20?? to feature a black princess), don't you think it's time to realize this is a reality check?

Homosexuality isn't “adult” unless you make it that way. There's no reason at all to discuss actual sex stuff when kids are that age… it's a show… the show explained that some people have a mom and dad, while others have two moms or two dads. Families are made up of all kinds of people, and that harms no one.


P.S. I got to meet the star of Good Luck Charlie a while back… which makes this even cooler!

good luck charlie lesbian

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  1. These people clearly know NOTHING about Disney. They are one of the first companies to embrace benefits for unmarried couples. MANY Disney employees are homosexual and Disney is a very supportive company in terms of sexuality. Want to wear makeup or earrings larger than a quarter? You’re screwed. But want to be homosexual and have your partner covered on your insurance? You’re golden. I’m proud of Disney. My deceased, gay uncle whose first job was at Disney World would have been proud of Disney. And for the record? If Brigit Mendler came out of the closet as being homosexual, I’d totally come out with her. OMG.

  2. Ok,we didn’t watch the show as Lexi hasn’t watched it in a few years, but we are both ELATED that there was a same sex couple, its bout time that it is regarded as a normal part of society. Both my kids have grown to know that love is love regardless of gender. I hope they show a repeat of the episode because now I want to see it. That is AWESOME!!

  3. This is GREAT!!! It’s about time since kids are already seeing and living with this at school and amongst their friends. I also love how you highlighted the most ignorant comments of the bunch! People are cray cray!

  4. Reading this post makes me wish we still had cable just so I could have seen the episode. This makes me an even bigger supported of Disney. Homophobes need to get over themselves because gay is not something that is going to go away and their children are ‘exposed’ everywhere they turn.

    Although my children have grown and are growing up in a straight household, they are all well aware of the different kinds of families there can be in this world and they all see it as perfectly normal as well. When my SIL came out a few years ago my children didn’t have any issues with it anddidn’t question it because it is perfectly normal to them.

    I’m also guessing these are the same people who didn’t let their kids watch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis perform on the Grammy’s last night too….that performance brought me to tears.

  5. So I stopped by because I saw your link on the SITS FB page, and when I saw your upside-down photo and saw the word “snark” as a descriptive, I just had to read on! I am thrilled that Disney had two moms. If we don’t introduce our children to the many variations of the definition of “family,” it won’t change the fact that the definition of family includes more than a mom and a dad and 2.5 children. All that will happen is that the children who don’t see their families represented will either be confused or ashamed or both. Why would anyone want a child to feel anything but love and acceptance? I, for one, say bring it on, Disney! In fact, I would rather see a committed, adult, same-sex couple showing affection on Disney (btw, I’m sure those women didn’t dare touch each other) than tweens and teens talking about crushes and young girls kissing boys on TV. Anyway, jumping off of my soap box now. Nice to “meet” you :-)

  6. As a mom in a traditional family, I have absolutely no issue with this episode of Good Luck Charlie. To the parents that take issue with it: Do you pretend that other family types don’t exist? My daughter went to preschool with a little girl with 2 moms, came home asked about it and we explained their family and since then there is no question or judgment on her part of families like that. Why should television be any different? Family friendly TV should recognize all family types.

    On a side note, how lucky are you to meet Bridget Mendler?! Way cool! She is my now 9 year old daughter’s favorite actor and singer and Good Luck Charlie is one of the kids’ shows that I actually enjoy watching with them. :)

  7. I love Disney Channel, and I’ve been watching it since I was a child, and I still watch it sometimes now at 21 lol But you know what’s funny is that people are getting OFFENDED by something like that. You know what I say? BRAVO DISNEY CHANNEL for realizing that a mom and dad couple aren’t the only parents in this entire world. Children can have two moms, two dads, one mom and one dad, no parents at all, they could be raised by aunts, uncles, grandparents, they could be in a foster home. Disney isn’t “promoting” same sex like the people commenting on FB are having a heart attack over. They’re showing DIVERSITY. It’s called staying current, people. Jeez! I commend Disney Channel.

  8. I think it was pretty badass of Disney to feature a same sex couple parenting a child. It’s normal, there’s just some people that have old school beliefs and can’t wrap their head around the fact that society changes. So adapt or get left behind.

    And they are definitely one smokin hot lesbian couple.

  9. I applaud the Disney channel on this! They recognized there are all types of people to make up a family, not just a mom and dad. I don’t see why so many parents are outraged at this really, to me it’s silly. There are more important issues to worry about. Our children shouldnt be sheltered to ANY two people that love each there and have a family. Get with the times.

  10. Hello! :):) Ashley from SITS Girls! I am all for Disney supporting equal rights!! I think it’s great! And support this! I think more channels need to do it and step up. So nice to meet you I hope you will pop over! :)

  11. To me this is called reality. People need to come out of their closets and stop acting like this isn’t an everyday thing! It is!

    I say Kudo’s to Disney I don’t hide this from my son. I couldn’t anyway my “daughter” is a lesbian and married and just got 4 kids they are fostering and later going to adopt! I wish all the hypocrisy would stop about this subject. I love people for who they are inside (and not their guts lol), not sexuality, race, size or any other reason. We are all EQUAL! This is something more common and honestly I think it would help kids deal with meeting family’s who have two moms or dads easier.

    What I think is a shame is that it has to be Disney doing it and not the parents teaching their kids that this is how life is and people are who they are regardless of whatever! Love is Love!

    I will always defend and back my friends and family! I unconditionally love them and that’s REAL!

  12. I love this post. I really do.

    I read a while ago about One Million Moms being upset at Disney, so I had to find out why. Then I was really pissed that they were so bent out of shape, and I had to rant about it. Some of these same people who are screaming that homosexuality is an “adult situation” are the same people who discuss abortion in front of their kids (or it’s mentioned at church in front of the kids).

  13. Thanks so much for your post – I couldn’t agree more. This hysteria about homosexuality is so ridiculous and I am happy that Disney has finally gotten on board.

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