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I love interacting with my friends/fans/readers on Facebook. It's fun, it's entertaining, and most of all it's educational. For example, I thought the word pet peeve meant one thing, and some of my awesome Facebook buds told me otherwise.

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I thought this was the definition of a pet peeve. You know, stuff that annoys you even if it's irrational.

I was wrong.

slap dash mom

Apparently, having a pet peeve and mentioning it on Facebook means you make rules based on those pet peeves. Amazing, right? I thought so, too.

While some of these people obviously have their kids glued to electronics – except at dinner – we don't. We talk to our kids all the time. Before school, sometimes during school. And always after school. Then there's bath time, bed time, and plenty of other times where we talk.

I also didn't say that we don't allow the kids to talk at the dinner table. I just said it annoyed me when kids did so. There are lots of things that annoy me that I still let my kids do (hello pop music).

While Ashley said that it's “mandatory” for her kids to be at the table and talk about their day, it's not mandatory at our house – and that's okay. We talk about our days pretty much constantly, not just at designated times.

Tierra somehow gathers from my pet peeve that kids aren't allowed to be social and interact. But I'm pretty sure going to work with mom, hanging out with their other mom, and now having a new “sister” exchange student requires being at least a tiny bit social. No?

Marty thought that because I said it was annoying, kids didn't get to speak at the dinner table. Wrong.

Sherri, the point of dinner is to eat.

Patience had a nicer comment. The whole #judgingnotjudging I really do love. We actually do allow talking at the dinner table, and since becoming a Mom I've learned not to let my pet peeves rule my life – or my kids lives.

Nichole … well, she created a new pet peeve for me. People that like to act like they know what they're talking about when they don't.

Whitney says I'd hate her house. I wouldn't. :) Felt the need to include that one. ;)

At our house, we spend time together all day. Every day. The kids go to school, and we work. Then, when they get home, we spend the ENTIRE evening together. If I'm not here, Rachel is. Or we both are.

How many families can say they have a parent working at home to support their family financially, while also spending time with them every single evening?

How many families can say that they speak to each other all the time, not just at designated times?

How many families can say they've supported their child's entrepreneurial spirit and helped them start a business when they were 10 years old?

I might not be the best mom in the world, but I'm a damn good one – and so is Rachel. I won't feel guilty for having some stupid random pet peeve.

In all honesty, it really annoys me when people jump to conclusions like this. It's bullshit. You sit here on the internet judging other people about not wanting kids to talk at the dinner table, but while you were replying, I was busy hanging out with my kids. I didn't even notice the mean responses until I got a text about it. I mean, really? Here I am making duct tape flowers with my kids and you're taking time away from your kids to judge me.

Think about that next time you want to post some random judgmental bullshit on someone's posts. Just saying.

P.S. In case you missed it, our kids DO talk at the dinner table. Just like they tie their shoes in BIG loops instead of small ones (another random-weird pet peeve I have), just like they chew their food too loudly sometimes, just like they like to listen to suuuuper annoying pop music. They're kids. It happens. And I'm okay with that.

slap dash mom

P.P.S. Even if my kids weren't allowed to talk at the dinner table – for whatever reason – I'm pretty sure there are way worse things going on. Even in your own home. Sweep under your own rugs before you go looking under mine.

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  1. I was a little curious as to wether or not this was just a pet peeve or a pet peeve you actually had rules enforcing. But ya know what….I didn’t ask (and certainly wasn’t gonna express judgement towards you) because it wasn’t my business. Also, you didn’t ask for a comment on your pet peeve. You asked us what our pet peeves were. I shared my pet peeves which to others are probably silly. But we are all human and different things annoy us. Wether or not we take action regarding said pet peeves is our business.

    1. Aren’t most pet peeves kind of silly? I mean, why does it bother me that my kids like pop music? That’s so dumb… lol. Why does it bother people when others chew with their mouths open? Sure, I don’t want to see their food but why do these things bother us? Most pet peeves don’t make much sense, but that doesn’t mean we should stop talking/whining about them, right? ;)

  2. This is a good blog. I almost want to agree with your pet peeve because I grew up in a huge house hold of children and trust me there’s other times to talk. I don’t think I want to my children’s food in their mouth while they are talking.

  3. Oh, boy…you really hit a nerve with some people! ;) When my 6 kids were much younger and all living at home, my husband had some silly rule about not singing or laughing at the table (or telling jokes?? really not sure) anyway, he was getting extremely annoyed and one by one the kids were being sent from the table (probably laughing) and when it was down to him and I, I got up and joined the kids! Laughing! He is much more chill now and only sends me away when I sing at the table…jk! :)

  4. I was hoping that instead of trashing the people who asked a legitimate question (which mine was, ‘You mean only adults talk at your dinner table? I don’t get it” ) Maybe you would try instead to consider the possibility that you stated something poorly. Or, if you felt how you said it was fine, give others the benefit of the doubt and just explain what you meant instead of you yourself judging us for our questions or comments? I guess what I don’t understand is what was the point of the harsh and mean – spirited diatribe about it?
    Marty Coleman, The Napkin Dad recently posted..Mary Cassatt – Artists I LoveMy Profile

    1. If I meant that, I would’ve said that. But I didn’t say that. :) This was not mean spirited. It is a rant about how annoying some of the comments were. Most people took this post in stride, even if they were mentioned, and that was my intention.

      Even IF my kids weren’t allowed to speak at the dinner table, I didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion on it. I simply asked what everyone’s pet peeves were.

  5. Haha yes! I saw your fb post. I didn’t join due to all the hiding.

    When I was growing up we had to eat together. Yet we didn’t talk it was just a means to eat at the same time and clean everything up all at once. We weren’t allowed to talk unless we were given permission and this extended during all my waking hours.

    I dot let my children talk while in the car. Why because that my time to listen to music. I get not much any other time to listen to music so the car is listen to music and enjoy the rise.

    I read your pet peeve as saying I hate it that was it. You didn’t say it wasn’t allowed.

    1. I wish my kids didn’t talk in the car! Lol. I always thought I was crazy for being annoyed when they were talking and I just want to enjoy the music and drive in peace. Talk my ear off when we get where I’m going, ya know?!

  6. It’s crazy the things people judge you for. At our house if you are not ask a direct question there’s no reason to talk at the table. When one is talking and eating it’s a lot easier to choke trust me. If people only knew the things I don’t let my kids do!

  7. I totally get the no talking at the dinner table. My 6 year old would rather talk than eat. It takes him a ridiculous amount of time to eat anything, then his food is cold and he doesn’t want to eat any more. I’d much rather him wait to talk after dinner.

    1. I ban talking until their food is gone most days of the week! ;) If I don’t they won’t eat. I do not want to be at the table for hours. I do not want to see or hear the food in their mouth. If you can’t use table manners you cannot talk. If you are too busy talking to eat then you need to shut up.

  8. Most days I have to tell my kids “no more talking” at the dinner table. They don’t want to talk about their day or make plans for their futures (they are 5 and 7), they want to goof off and tell potty jokes and do everything but eat. If I let them talk they’d spend 2 hours eating.

  9. Ya know, I have always found it funny that we actually spend time saying “good boy/girl” when babies let out a belch while burping them, only to get after them later in life for doing the same thing lol. This could be another example of that type of scenario where many of us spend so much time saying “don’t talk with your mouth full…” but then we don’t understand why some don’t talk while eating. While I thoroughly understand so many who believe in the connection at dinner time as they sit around and talk about their day, I also completely get what it’s like to be around your kids a lot. Like really a lot. I was a little surprised that someone even mentioned talking while driving. I had no idea anybody else ever did that haha. For me, talking while driving is a distraction, and some kids get way too excited when they feel they have something that must be shouted out right away. Now that my kids are older and better able to gauge their volume and excitement level, I don’t really mind it so much. However, in the beginning, there was no talking allowed while Mama drove because the lives of others depended upon it. No, I don’t use my phone or bluetooth (AT ALL). Everything can wait until later, I’m carrying precious cargo, and so are you.
    My kids would also take HOURS to eat if they all sat around talking during meals. I’m not saying that they don’t talk, but I am saying that by the time dinner rolls around we’ve already discussed their day. As adults, our lives can be hectic, with serious life ups and downs. I feel that I grew up knowing too much about the ins and outs of the lives of my parents. As a kid, I was extremely stressed and anxious about how we were going to pay rent, the possibility of the lights being turned off, and so much more. I know this isn’t true for everyone and that not all parents share that type of stuff, but some do.
    I for one did not take your post to mean that nobody talked at the dinner table.

  10. I think your pet peeve makes perfect sense. I grew up with parents who constantly used the phrase “children should be seen & not heard” I was never allowed to talk around adult conversation and my parents seldom had conversations with me. I certainly never would have spoken at the dinner table, I was to eat. On another note, I don’t live my life the way I was raised I encourage my kids to talk to me and I’m constantly engaging them in conversation especially my 4 year old with Asperger’s cause she’s really an amazing girl. Too many people today are constantly in their devices and they shush & shoo their kids away and no one spends time together, no one communicates, no one plays. Most people are walking zombies in their phones, I can see on a daily basis that you spend time with your kids and I do mine and this is not the first controversial heading that I’ve read from you where I said” wow I wonder what she means by that” and read first before making an assumption! You are an awesome mom, an inspiration and one of my fav bloggers! P.s. My pet peeve is band aids like in the shower or in a public pool etc eww gross it gives me Heebie jeebies just thinking about it :)

  11. Some people are so quick to judge, like you said under your rug not mine. What people don’t realize is everyone is different we all have point of views that the next will not agree on. But tuff sh*t that’s life if we allllll did everything the same then shoot me I wouldn’t want to be apart of life. I like knowing that what works for family A doesn’t work for my family it helps keep the word going. Could you imagine life where A B and C all did the same thing day in and day out? Yuck. Your a great mom I read almost all your blog posts but never comment this one ruffled my feathers after I commented my pet peeves getting the flood of messages (updates) of people going off it took every ounce of me not to lay into them on your post.

    Do what your doing it’s working GREAT for you and your family!!!
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  12. My kids are older now…two 12yr olds ,13yr old and 16yr old. We chat and chat at the dinner table. But when they were younger, omg I would tell them eat and not talk. Because they would talk and play and not eat. My kids play out side with friends after school and are in many day to day things the dinner table now we can talk about all about our day. My husband works till 5pm so it helps him being involved what we all do as well.

  13. I believe I commented on this thread with my pet peeve, which is my family’s chewing. Unfortunately they insist on doing it every night at the dinner table anyway and there’s not much I can do about it. At some times of the month I also hate the sound of my husband’s breathing but he won’t stop that either. I get what you were trying to say. And I am with you on the electronics thing – that is something we DO place strict limits on around here.

  14. Sadie,

    What a great blog post! What you said about not letting your pet peeves rule your or your kids’ lives really resonated with me. As parents, we ARE allowed to think our kids are annoying at times, and we’re entitled to our pet peeves. You made a great point about pet peeves not necessarily being a rule in your house. It’s great that, even though it gets on your nerves, you understand that kids are kids and they like to talk and interact with their parents, and you allow them to do so. There are a lot of things that my kids do that drive me up the wall. Like you, I try to curb my annoyance in order to allow them to be children. Raeleigh loves to wear her flat brimmed hat backwards. It makes me insane. It looks awful. Even though it annoys the heck out of me, I allow her to wear it how she wants to casual places, with the compromise that she ditches it for when we go somewhere important or nice.

    I also love how you make sacrifices to work from home, that way your kids have you available at all times. I really think you and Rachel are great moms, and love that you two share your lives with readers. I seriously adore the fact that you guys encourage entrepreneurship with your kids!! I believe that is one of the most important things we can do as parents, and for this country! I can relate because we are starting to teach Raeleigh about Real Estate and Real Estate Investing, already, even though she’s only 11. People might think we’re crazy, but one day she will be in charge of the legacy we leave for her, and she needs to know how to handle it. She needs to be fully educated in it. The thing is, we don’t know when we will pass and she will inherit these assets. It could be tomorrow. So, we know that we need to start preparing her. Kudos to you and Rachel for leaving your own legacy for your children!!

    1. Learning about Real Estate at 11 is PHENOMENAL! If I knew anything about Real Estate at 20, maybe I could buy a house now at 29 without such a struggle! Thank you for the compliments… you’re awesome. <3

  15. Its not silly to be annoyed by kids talking at dinner table. It annoys the crap out of me as well. The problem is not socializing, but actually that kids will take it to the extreme and not actually eat any of their food but one bite, while they continue to ramble on about this that and everything, making supper take 2 hours.
    Get real people, you want to let your kids get aways with behavior that is hurting their calorie intake? Im not a counselour to my children, im a discipliner. Im not an encyclopedia, there are teachers and books for that. My job, as a dad, is to put food on the table and set boundaries, they may hate me for it now, but some day, they’ll thank me!

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