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Shopping is one of the Mother Daughter activities I talk about a lot! But we sure had a hell of a time finding a dress that both fit Jenelle and fit dress code. The school suggested that we sew and alter a dress to make it modest… or shop at one of these “modest” dress stores, where the dresses were $100+. No thank you!

We headed to Ross, then tried Target and Wal-Mart, before heading back to Ross the next day. A day that should've been magical was filled with tears. Because patriarchy. But anyway… we had some fun! :)

We tried on SO MANY DRESSES.

If they fit, they weren't dress code appropriate (usually too short because she's 6ft tall). If they were dress code appropriate, they didn't fit (or looked like a potato sack). She had all but given up when we decided to try Ross one last time (they add inventory almost daily, so we figured it was worth a shot).

She ended up having to get a dress that was way too big in order to have it be the right length, but we tied it up and she loves it. She said she feels like a princess.

She loves her dress!!

homecoming arizona jenelle

For the record, we aren't pissed at the school about dress code. I sent her there knowing they're conservative. This post was just about the struggle of a tall girl trying to find something appropriate for dress code. Dress code in general is created so “boys aren't distracted”. Heaven forbid they see some thigh or shoulder.


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  1. Gorgeous!! So sorry the school is so backwards that they caused her stress over something that should be a fun event…. But she ended up with a great dress and some mom time :)

  2. She is so radiant and beautiful. Hers smile is so contagious. She sparkles.

  3. She is absolutely beautiful! I love the dress! Have a wonderful time!

  4. Please publish the school’s dress code for boys at prom — very interested!!

  5. From a 6’1″ mother in Gilbert, she is welcome to borrow any of the dresses I have. Just let me know! :) Many of them, I purchased from tall-women clothing stores. Most are size 8 and 10. Long skirts, although a couple have spaghetti straps and would need a cute jacket. I know the struggle to find clothing at that age.

    1. Thank you! You are too sweet. I need to introduce her some tall girls!

  6. If you want a matriarchy, feel free. Find out how green the grass isn’t. Don’t blame men for your first world problems. The collective you create a good many of them for yourselves.

    1. Salty much? No one is looking for a matriarchy, neither sex needs dominion, we all need to be rid of archaic mentalities and work together equally. The boys were not given dress restrictions, but the girls were, how is that equal? Girls are more often than not, restricted from wearing some clothes because “they distract the boys”, and not for any other valid reason. Girls/women should not have to “be careful” about what they wear because some guys can’t/won’t keep their hands/eyes to themselves. As a male, you see things one way, you don’t deal with the same bullshit that a lot of girls and women do. Again, it’s is NOT about going from patriarchy to matriarchy, it’s about shedding both sides altogether and being capable of finding compassion and understanding from all sides. No one deserves to be oppressed or negatively stigmatized for any reason because of their gender. Period.

      1. Triggered much? The dress codes were probably established by the wives of the patriarchs. Are you trying to assert that if a guy showed up in something a chaperone/teacher/administrator found objectionable, he wouldn’t be disciplined or denied access? Puh-lease.

        What would it take for you to ever see things as equal?

        The moral of the story is that this isn’t an issue of patriarchy.

        1. LOL Brad.Someone puts together a well thought out rebuttal to your small minded comment and your fallback is to claim they are triggered? You completely ignored the point F. Winnett made and claimed a boy would be reprimanded too. That is NOT what Winnett was saying at all. And you’re saying the “wives established the dress code”? Really? You think our school systems dress codes are organized by a shadow organization of wives hell bent on making sure shoulders are covered by at least 3 finger widths of fabric? Puh-lease.

          1. Blah blah blah. Again, triggered much? If this was just a vent about the difficulties of finding decent clothes, it would be understandable. I mean, I get it. I’m a male whose ideal pant size is 31/31. Try finding that anywhere. That’s a unicorn. It’s a travesty.

            Moral of the story: if you are only thinking in terms of patriarchy/gender equality/sex politics, then you are kidding yourself and thinking way too small.

            Second moral: we must be doing really well as a country if this is the kind of stuff we vent about and concern ourselves with. It’s not like lives are on the line. Nothing hangs in the balance. Bellies must be full.

            Third moral: I hate Fox News for even making an issue out of this blog post.

            Whew! So bored right now. This is why I got off social media… and this is the kind of mentality and dialogue that contributes to “MGTOW” being a thing these days.

            Later. Oh. She ended up with a very nice dress.

  7. I think something that should be brought up is if this is a conservative school and parents place their students there wouldn’t the boys have also been brought up to control there urges, respect all women, and also be given a dress code?…as odd as it sounds, when Wally, on Leave It to Beaver, went to dances they wore a nice shirt, tie, and a Jacket, and slacks…..Parenting has a lot to do with this dress code stuff….our young people need to have some way of learning self respect and respect for others. Jenelle’s a beautiful young lady and looks very classy….she has a lucky date that I hope treats her the way she deserves to be treated

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