Instant Pot Yogurt With Fruit

This homemade yogurt is so delicious and handy to make in your Instant Pot! It does take some time, but it is well worth it!

It makes roughly 24 1/2 Cup Servings – 3 Points Each
Keep in mind nut toppings, granola, etc. will add points so remember to count them

Yields: 24 1/2 Cup Servings, roughly



Heat the milk (uncovered) in Instant Pot on WARM setting for 40 Minutes

Whisk the milk and change setting to saute. Stir often, and use thermometer to check until milk reaches 185 degrees F

Unplug the pressure cooker, remove the lid and use oven mitts to remove inner pot and set it on the counter or stove.

Cool the milk to 115* degrees F. It takes about an hour.

Once cooled, return inner pot back inside the base and plug in.

Using a non-wire whisk, mix in 1/2 cup yogurt and 2 tablespoons vanilla bean paste.

Cover the Instant Pot, close the pressure vent and wrap the IP with a towel so it is fully covered. Let sit for 8 hours.

Now scoop yogurt into individual glass jars or bowls and refrigerate until chilled

To serve, add your favorite fruit topping (on top or bottom - or both), sliced or slivered almonds, diced hard boiled egg, granola, syrup, honey etc.!!