Instant Pot Hot Dogs - Weight Watchers Friendly - Just 2 Points!

Turkey Franks Dinner - 2 WW Points

Easy, fast and delicious!!

The calorie, fat, etc., info below is for the hot dog only. The chili will add calories and carb, etc, but NOT points if you stick to my ZERO point chili recipe!!

Yields: 8 hotdogs



Place hot dogs and water in Instant Pot

Turn to Steam for 3 Minutes

After cooking finishes, allow 10 minutes for hot dogs to simmer. (Remember, you are really just heating them up, as opposed to cooking them)

After the 10 minutes are up, quick release the pot

Smother hot dog in your home made ZERO point chili and enjoy

Should you want to add a bit more points to your meal, sprinkle a tbsp of sharp cheddar cheese on top just mind the points!! You can also add fat-free shredded cheddar and fat-free sour cream for ZERO Points!