Instant Pot Deviled Eggs with Relish

Servings: 12; 1 point per deviled egg on Blue and Purple WW plans; 2 points per egg on the Green plan



Place eggs in the Instant Pot. You can put them in directly, use the trivet, or this great egg rack.

Pour in 1 cup of water.

Place lid on Instant Pot and turn valve to the sealing position.

Set manual pressure to 5 minutes.

Allow the IP to naturally release for 5 minutes.

Place in an ice bath for 5 minutes. (This is the trick my mom taught me to make sure the shells come off easy)

Peel eggs.

Sliced boiled eggs longways.

Mix all other ingredients except for paprika

Spoon or pipe mixture into egg halves.

Top with paprika and serve!