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It's no secret that I'm SUPER excited about my girls having to wear uniforms to school now. I think uniforms make it super simple in the morning, they're easy to pass down from kid to kid (and with three girls that's really helpful!), and they're affordable because you don't have to worry about name-brand this, name-brand that. We absolutely love French Toast for our uniforms, so I was excited to see that Ideal Uniform has French Toast brand!

ideal uniform french toast uniforms

I spent less than $150 for an entire wardrobe for all three of my girls at the Ideal Uniform Store, so I was able to spend more on funky socks and accessories to jazz their uniforms up. They're all about expressing their creativity, so of course we have to buy the crazy knee-highs and ties and belts.

ideal uniform french toast uniforms

The sizing on French Toast uniforms is a bit big, which is actually nice. Jenelle wears a 10slim, so the 10 is falling off of her, but that means it's actually long enough! I see all of these little girls wearing SHORT short skirts and I hate it. So I am thankful that French Toast keeps that in mind and keeps the length while keeping the quality. The Ideal Uniform Store has the best prices that I've found on uniforms so far, so I definitely recommend them!

ideal uniform french toast uniforms

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