How to Make a Photo Backdrop

How to Make a Photo Backdrop
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I am by no means an expert on how to take better photos. However, I've seen some really shitty photos floating around, so I'm here to give a few tips. I'm going to teach you how to make a photo backdrop, so your photos have a more professional feel to them.

The supplies are inexpensive, and the possibilities truly are endless. From napkins (seen above), to scrapbook paper (below) and fabric (below), you can create a photo board back drop for any occasion.

How to Make a Photo Board Back Drop

First, gather your supplies! You'll need:

— blank canvas (size doesn't matter as long as it's 12×12 or larger)
— fabric (enough to cover the front of the canvas, times however many you want to make)
— hot glue & hot glue gun
— scrapbooking paper (optional)

How to Make a Photo Backdrop

How to Make a Photo Backdrop

Cut your fabric to fit around the front of the canvas. I bought each piece of fabric for $.97 at Walmart, and it measured 18×21 I believe. It covered the canvas, and then some.

If you're making ONE backdrop, place dots around the entire canvas, one small section at a time (it dries quickly), and attach the fabric.

If you want to make SEVERAL backrops on one canvas, just place the glue dots on the top of the canvas. You can then flip through the fabrics and take photos on different backdrops with ease!


Set the canvas down outside if you can. Natural lighting is best! I took photos inside today because it's raining. See how this looks? Kinda crazy. But wait…

How to Make a Photo Backdrop

Get up close, crop it a little, dress it up in PicMonkey, and you have a decent photo – ready for your blog!

How to Make a Photo Backdrop

I usually airbrush the background a bit to make it blend in.

How to Make a Photo Backdrop

If you look at my kitchen right now, it's a wreck. I'm baking, taking photos, blogging… doing everything at once, as usual. But, nobody has to know that (unless I tell them.. woops).

How to Make a Photo Backdrop

I just used a plate and a leaf to dress this one up.

How to Make a Photo Backdrop

Scrapbook paper — you could even take some book pages and glue them together onto a canvas to make a nice backdrop.

How to Make a Photo Backdrop

This is one of my favorite scrapbook papers! Frosting and sprinkles! I bought it in a pack at Walmart.

How to Make a Photo Backdrop

You remember my On Top of Ole Cupcake recipe, right? Yep.. you guessed it, scrapbook paper!

If you were wondering how to make a photo backdrop, I hope this short tutorial helped!

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How to Make a Photo Backdrop

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  1. I was just thinking of this for an upcoming post. Love your backgrounds. I was going to buy an white canvas to have a neutral background. Your cupcakes look so awesome with the whimsical designs behind them.

  2. Why haven’t I ever considered making a fabric backdrop before?? I have SO much fabric odds and ends laying around for sewing projects that I could use.

  3. You’ve helped more than you realize. I’ve always seen the beautiful photos and wondered how they looked so good. Now I know. I might have to experiment myself with a few. Thank you so much.

  4. I have been wanting to do this for awhile, I normally use whatever is behind, blur it out. Food is my focus so background hasn’t always been a thing to think about …until lately. I really want to step it up a notch! Thanks for the tips

  5. wow seriously, this is so simple I don’t know why I never thought of this! great ideas! I love these. Backdrops is what I struggle with. I find myself going all around my house, outside, trying to get a simple backdrop, i’ve used sheets, blankets, the top of my washer. lol but i never thought to use fabric, i have fabric from other craft projects i’ve done in the past. And i also have a TON different of cardstock paper designs! thank you for the tips. I will def be using them.

  6. OMG… I love love love.. your tips.. did I say I love them?? I’ve been wondering how some of these amazing pic’s get a backdrop .. haaa now I know.. SOOO thankful for your post and so gonna give it a try soon. Will pin it so I won’t forget; THANK YOU

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