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How to Join Buskins Affiliate Program

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As a Buskins Affiliate, you earn 25% for every sale you make using your affiliate link. Plus, you earn $5 for every affiliate that signs up. You'll also earn 5% commission from their personal sales.

The cost to sign up is $19.99, but you receive a pair of leggings so it's basically like signing up for free. Sign up for just $1 in May, and receive a 50% off coupon for your first pair of leggings!

How to Join Buskins Affiliate Program

To sign up:

Buskins Affiliate Program

Visit http://mybuskins.com/#slapdash — click “JOIN US” and scroll to the bottom. You'll see this image above.

Join my group —->>> HERE on Facebook. Send ME the confirmation number – http://fb.com/sadie.daugherty is my Facebook page and it's OPEN so you can PM me.

After receiving your confirmation number, sign up through the form below, or PM me for a link to the Buskins site. Be sure to put in SADIE LANKFORD as your referrer so you can be on my team! Use the confirmation number you received from signing up when it asks for it.

Personal Information

Additional Information


NOTE: Your TAX ID number is your social, and they'll only use it if you earn $600 or more in a year.

Why Buskins?

Affiliates are paid every Friday as long as they have a minimum of $15 to be paid.

You only have to be SIXTEEN to sign up!

No quotas, no website maintenance or fees, no “recruit 500 people to get to Diamond status”. You sell as much or as little as you want, and you don't have to keep stock on hand – everything can be done online, 100%.

You do have the option to sign up for auto ship, which is $255 a month (shipping included), and you get 22-25 pairs of leggings. That means you'll earn about $10 from each sale of leggings instead of just $5, but you'll have stock to keep and will have to eat the cost (or keep the leggings – yay!) if they don't sell.

Buskins leggings are durable, comfortable, and they come in both lightweight and fleece and fur lined variations.

Buy 10 pair, get the 11th for FREE! Visit mypluskins.com. Log In – If you do not have an account – create one!

Place 10 orders. When going to place order 11, you will notice a 15$ credit added to your account, congratulations! You have earned a free pair!

To recruit:

Login to your affiliate back office.

Link 1- Shopping Link: Once you login this link is located on main screen at top.

Link 2 – Affiliate back office sign up: Login to the affiliate back office. Scroll all the way to the bottom. You will see a picture that says “Sign up Sub Affiliates” Once you click on that you will see your 2nd link. REMEMBER TO ONLY GIVE THIS LINK ONCE YOUR RECRUIT SENDS YOU THE CONFIRMATION NUMBER.

Keep these two links handy for easy recruiting. I store them as numbers in my phone and in a note on my phone.

To Earn More With Buskins

The best way to earn MORE with Buskins is to sign up for the auto-ship option. You literally make DOUBLE, because you're paying $255 (shipping included) for 22-25 pairs of leggings. However, keeping stock like that is not a requirement by any means! However, if you have stock, it opens up more possibilities for you such as vendor booths, online flash sales, etc.

Wear the leggings! All day every day, baby. Wear the Buskins Leggings because people WILL ask about them – trust me.

Create business cards. Leave them when you're out and about. Follow this tutorial: how to make business cards in PicMonkey.

Be sure to purchase a domain name to forward so you don't have to use a long affiliate link. People are less likely to buy from a longer link. Use the directions (STEP 1) here to purchase a domain name.

Treat it like a business. It's not direct sales, but it's darn close. So if you've done DS before, you know how to rock it. So, ROCK IT!

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