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The big Game Day is coming up rather quickly! I'm combining a sponsored post for Charmin and Febreze with a funny video of Rachel (bottom of the post). Oh, and I'm going to throw in a few bathroom facts, too, because who doesn't love bathroom facts?

You might think your home is ready for Game Day, but you're probably wrong! You've got the chips and wings, you've Pinterest'd the crap out of your table spread, but how's your bathroom lookin'? Oh, not good you say? You're not alone! When getting ready for Super Bowl LI, half of Americans spend little to no time at all preparing their bathrooms for guests. Say what? You better get that bathroom sparking clean and stocked with Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls because you know your guests are gonna need it after they eat all that spicy buffalo chicken dip. Pinterest didn't warn you about that?

As you know, we aren't diehard football fans (coming from St. Louis, what do you expect?). However, just like many others in the world, we tune in for the commercials – and we celebrate because… food.

Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls

Did you know….?

3 rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls (my favorite toilet paper ever) are long enough to span one entire football field? WHAT?

Halftime Bathroom Break Numbers

The amount of water flushed during half time is equivalent to 7 minutes of water flowing over Niagara Falls! (source: RotoRooter)

When the whistle blows, the halftime bathroom break ensues! In fact, more toilets are flushed between the second and third quarter than at any other time during the year! (source: NY Post)

Febreze Small Spaces
I hope they didn't forget the Febreze!

There are more odor molecules coming from the halftime bathroom break than there are blades of grass on all NFL fields in America! (source: Febreze)

When it comes to Game Day party prep, 62% of people are most likely to forget to buy bathroom supplies. Don't be THAT person. Stock up on Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls today!

P.S. Here's the video I was trying to shoot for this post, when Rachel so rudely (*wink*) interrupted me with her “pickle chips” impression.

I really do love Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls. With 5 females in the house, it's the only toilet paper that doesn't disappear immediately. It lasts longer, and we use so much less. Jenelle and I went to a hotel last weekend and I remember grabbing just a few squares of toilet paper. Boy was that a mistake! Then I got back home and was so used to using tons of toilet paper at the hotel that I pulled way too much Charmin off the roll. The difference is huge! Looking for a strong and confident clean in a long-lasting roll? Charmin has got you covered!

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