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Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post on behalf of Sears Mastercard . I wanted to do a fun travel post to show you just how beneficial a Sears Mastercard with reward points can be!

Our Hoover Dam Trip

Hoover Dam Trip

We hit the road pretty early because we were supposed to pick our rental car up at 8AM. They require a credit card for the rental, so I happily gave them my card that offers rewards points (like the Sears Mastercard from Citibank).

Traveling with a Rewards Points Card

After we loaded Lola into our rental car, we went to the gas station to fill up. With 5% gas rewards points on our Sears Mastercard, we were well on our way to racking up enough points to use on our next Sears or Kmart trip. Oh, and you earn 2% back in points on eligible purchases made at both stores, so there's another bonus!

Hoover Dam

We made just one more stop, at a restaurant for lunch. With 3% back in points on eligible purchases at restaurants and grocery stores, I didn't flinch too much at our bill. Our rental was super fuel efficient so it was nice to not have to stop for gas again. It was a smooth ride up to the Hoover Dam! Actually, our planned trip was to Las Vegas but we drove by the Hoover Dam and had to stop.

Hoover Dam Trip

Jenelle and I took quite a few pictures when we stopped but it was super windy, so we didn't stay long. We were only about 30 minutes from our destination, so we hit the road again. I guess looking at all that water made my bladder jumpy, so we had to stop at the gas station for a potty break. We stocked up on snacks because we weren't sure what kind of food we would have access to when we reached our destination.

Arizona Last Stop

With an industry-leading 5-3-2-1 rewards offer, you can earn rewards points with Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way on all purchases everywhere you shop! So whether it's an impulse buy (see above), a last minute gas station potty break, or stopping for ice cream in Vegas (shhh), the Sears Mastercard has you covered.

Sears Mastercard with Shop Your Way

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Mastercard.

Where would you like to travel this summer? How would you rack up points with a Sears Mastercard?

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