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Smart Style in San Tan Valley, Arizona (located inside Walmart) sounded like a great place to take Nell for a haircut.


Past tense.

As in, it sounded like a good idea before the salon completely jacked Nell's hair up just a few weeks before 7th grade starts!!!

Nell is no stranger to short hair. Neither is Grace. We love funky hair in our house! But this time it was different…

jenelle lankford haircut

Rach took her to get her hair cut. She wanted something edgy.

edgy teen haircut

This is edgy, right?


jenelle lankford haircut

When Nell got home, I was horrified. I was like, WTF DID THEY DO TO YOUR HAIR?

Maybe, just maybe, in some places, edgy actually means choppy and shitty.

So, I took her back to Smart Style and asked for the manager. When I showed her Nell's hair, she didn't see anything wrong with it. That should've been my red flag to leave, but I was pissed! We paid for a haircut. So, fix it!

I showed her how choppy it was, and I was like can you please just blend it… and just not make it so… choppy?

She defended the other stylist person that cut Nell's hair. Said the haircut was “asymmetrical” and “that's what it's supposed to look like”.

Ehem… let's just work on less choppy, no?

Oh yes… yes I can do that.

20 minutes later, the result:

smart style san tan valley az

This is… fixed?

Wait, what?

The lady (I can't call her a stylist. No. Just no.), she saw my face and was like, “You don't like it? Here. We can flat iron it”. Oh hell no! Get that flat iron away from my baby's hair! We are done.

As we were leaving, she offered us a 20% off coupon.

Are you high?

We found another salon, called Serenity Hair Design. Thankfully, they had an opening, and the stylist (yes… you'll see) said she could save Nell's hair! She was just as horrified as we were at the chop job the idiots at Smart Style did.

She had faith that she could fix Nell's hair. I wasn't so sure, but she had pink hair herself so I figured she knew what she was doing.

20 minutes later, a different result entirely:

Serenity Hair Design san tan valley az

Wait, what?!


Nell was jumping with joy!

She said, “Let's go back to Walmart so I can show them what a real haircut looks like!”

Serenity Hair Design san tan valley az

Thank you sooooooo much, Serenity Hair Design, for saving what Smart Style screwed up. Middle school is rough. Starting middle school with a terrible haircut… that's not something anyone should have to do!!

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  1. Love Love LOVE what the stylist at Serenity did to Nell’s hair!! Super cute cut!! She looks fabulous. What a crock of S%$# that SmartStyle tried to pass off a bad haircut as edgy … good lord, they need to be shut down!

  2. Love the finished product!! Yay Nell! & I hope you give Smart Style hell for the torture you ladies went through!!

  3. OMG Sadie! You need to email SmartStyle corporate and include pictures. If you know the “stylist”‘s name include it. Do it for all the other folks who could potentially walk out of there all chopped up, you could save someone else some embarrassment. On a brighter note, Nell’s hair is totally adorable, and I am not usually a fan of the asymmetrical haircuts. This looks great on her though!!

  4. Well “technically” the first cut WAS asymmetrical… lol just in a REALLY redonkulous way. Glad you were able to get it fixed, she looks FIERCE now and can start 7th grade with her head held high. Middle school is such a tumultuous time for tweens, it is important that she goes in feeling confident and awesome!
    Rose recently posted..DIY Gold Striped Mouse Pad TutorialMy Profile

  5. Ummmm it was Walmart, who in their right mind would let Walmart cut hair in the first place?!?! It’s Walmart! LOL
    Thank god Nell will be rocking that cool hair for school, you look fabulous Nell!! Work it girl, you should be in one of those hair style book in the salon!

  6. Serenity is super great! I’ve got my hair colored there before & was so pleased! Sorry Nell had such a bad experience & even worse that the salon didn’t try to rectify the situation much better. Or say “I can’t do much better” & be honest. I may not be a seasoned stylist — but I know that was a hack job!

    Love the end result though!!! A ton! Love it bad! Go Nell!!!
    Brittany recently posted..5 Summer Styles For Long HairMy Profile

  7. Keli, it wasn’t Wal-Mart that cut her hair. It was the ‘salon’ in Wal-Mart. We have Cost Cutters ‘salons’ in our Wal-Marts here. Many a ‘stylist’ at those have messed up my kids’ hair over time. I refuse to take them to those ‘salons’ but their dad still does because they are cheaper than many of the other salons in town. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the ‘stylists’ at these salons are just starting out and make more errors than normal. There are a few good ones in the mix, but they’re few and far between. I go to Great Clips and have ONE stylist that touches my family’s hair. When she leaves, I’ll look elsewhere. I’m very non-trusting of low end stylists, but can’t foot the $30+ for each person in my family (6 of us) every 5-6 weeks, 4 weeks for my cut.

    Sadie, Nell’s hair looks great now. I really like that cut on her, it fits her personality. So, the end result is definitely a plus! Too bad it was so frustrating and such an experience to get there!

  8. 20% off? Seems like a good deal lol
    Looks amazing Nell and you rock it like a champ! ! Think she knows she has fans in Canada you?

    1. She would be in awe! I have to tell her!! lol <3

  9. Damn. I haven’t cut hair in 22 years & even I can see what they did wrong. My 8yo can do better than that.
    Glad she ended up with a cut she likes in the end.

  10. Love love love the new do. The first two cuts horrible. I’m glad she finally got a hip edgy style that fits her personality.

  11. Please tell me you guys did go back to Walmart and showed the girls her new and improved hair style!!

  12. I absolutely love the final haircut. Edgy, plus it looks fantastic on her!

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