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Grace and I had an awesome workout this morning! She said her legs felt like “jelly” by the time we were done, so I call that a win. ;) As soon as we left the gym, she said she was starving. It’s our “no spend August”, so we couldn’t stop anywhere. Fortunately, I had planned ahead and packed some fast protein (and hydration)… another win!

P3 Capri Sun

P3 Protein Snacks offer 13g of protein, while Capri Sun Sport has 25% fewer calories than regular sports drinks. That means we both got to hydrate and refuel with quality ingredients as soon as our workout was over! Grace said she loved the Capri Sun Sport, and we both fought over the beef jerky in the P3 Protein Snack pack.

Sapphire is eating these as after-school snacks, too. Kids are always “dying” when they run in the door after school, so I provide them with P3 Protein snacks. The 13g of protein will keep them full until dinner, so you don’t have to spend money on even more snacks to fill them up.

Because I like to stock up when I shop at Walmart, we have already tried the P3 Original Beef Jerky, as well as the Maple-Glazed Beef Jerky; we also tried the Capri Sun Sport in Fruit Frenzy and Citrus Rush flavors.

Whether you’ve got a ballerina or a football star, your kids need to stay hydrated and fueled! If you’re packing school lunches and aren’t sure how to make sure the kiddos stay fueled for the day, try P3 Protein Snacks and let me know what you think!

capri sun pb3

capri sun pb3

If you’re at the store and wondering where to find the perfect on the go drink/snack combo, Planters P3 Protein Snacks are located in the nut/seed aisle, next to the trail mix – or you might find it by the beef jerky. They’re shelf stable so they don’t need to be refrigerated (yay!). The Capri Sun Sport drinks are located with the other Capri Suns in their usual juice aisle.

You can find Capri Sun Sport and Planters P3 together on Walmart.com here!

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