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Goodwill Outlet Saint Louis

Heading down to the Goodwill Outlet on Market Street in Saint Louis is always an adventure. By adventure, I mean, an anxiety attack just waiting to happen. Or a cold just waiting to happen, depending on which way you like to look at things. It's dirty, it's unorganized, and the people that frequent this place, well they are usually pretty LOUD and pushy.

When they bring a new bin of goodies out, people will dive in.. fight.. push, pull, yell, and more. To be clear, this is what they're fighting over:

goodwill outlet saint louis

The bins are kind of organized, I guess. I mean, there are bins with books, bins with glass, bins with shoes, and bins with VHS tapes and records. The other bins, though, are just random piles of crap. Clothes, toys, and anything else you can imagine really… you can find it all at the Ghetto Goodwill!

By the way, it's called the “Ghetto Goodwill” because of where it's located. All of the buildings that surround the Goodwill have busted out windows, and it's located on a side road that needs lots of work done to it. It's not a place that you'd want to visit at night, so my friends that don't live in the city refer to it as “ghetto” when I drag them there to shop with me. :)

Goodwill Outlet Saint Louis

Jackpot! I can learn how to quit my job, start a blog, and become a clown. I love finding books at this Goodwill. They're only $0.39 a pound, so you can get college textbooks for $3 or less, as well as any other book you could ever imagine for less than $1. There are quite a few religious books, too, if you're into that sort of thing.

Goodwill Outlet Saint Louis

I'm obsessed with collecting vintage suitcases. I even made a DIY Suitcase Table out of the first one I found! I only grabbed the smaller blue suitcase in the photo above, and left the others behind. I'm going to let Nell decorate it and use it for her jewelry making supplies for her new shop, Slap Dash Things.

The photo on the right kinda looks like a bullet-proof vest, and it was kinda heavy, but I'm not sure what it was. Looked expensive, though. :)

Goodwill Outlet Saint Louis

Marvin's Room is a movie I had never heard of, but I saw Leonardo DiCaprio on it and it grabbed my attention! Next, I found an unopened gift set of body sprays. And on the right, it looks like a Pinterest craft gone wrong. Perhaps they attempted some type of wine cork wreath, and got too wasted to finish it?

Goodwill Outlet Saint Louis

I think my favorite finds of the day were this Mary Poppins book (1964), and this “Old Lady” doll. She's super creepy looking, and I thought she was a puppet.. but when searching for a way to put her on my hand and make her talk, I felt some weird things inside her mouth. I pulled them out, and discovered that this wasn't just ANY old lady. It was the Old Lady that Swallowed a FLY! And a horse, and a cat… and whatever else. This would be SUPER cute for a kindergarten classroom, but I still found her way too creepy to take home with me. I'd have nightmares. *Shivers*

Overall, this was a pretty productive trip. I got to go shopping by myself, and spent an our rummaging through all of the crap – but didn't bring most of it home. Rachel throws a fit when I bring too much home… so I have to pace myself.

What's the coolest thing you've found at a thrift store recently?

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  1. Very cool! You found the old lady who swallowed a fly! The rest were all neat too. But the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly is my favorite.

  2. Got myself a Leather Coat (women’s 3X) for $9, a leather jacket (think biker) for my son for $5, and a winter coat for my daughter for $4 – from the Salvation Army store in Arnold. I don’t like going there much anymore because they changed the clothing racks and now everything’s all together (they used to have maternity, plus, etc separated from the rest, now you have to search through EVERYTHING)

  3. i love how they sell books by the pound. most stores arent even selling books anymore. those bins look bad. i dont even like digging through bins at garage sales. i wish we had a goodwill where i live because when i was in college, that’s where i got all my clothes!

  4. OMG! I love the little old woman! I have a ton of felt and fabric lying around here. I might just need to make something (a little less creepy) like that for the girls, I bet they would love it!

  5. Hmmm, recently? I found a cute NWT stuffed horse from The Wilds that my daughter gave to my mom for her birthday. It’s fully pose able, even the tail!

  6. Omg! I totally want the Old Lady! Those are very pricey brand new. I would have taken it home for sure. Btw: I’m a teacher AND Goodwill shopper although I never find stuff that good at my local places.

  7. My latest awesome find, also at Ghetto Goodwill, was a brand new still in the box singer sewing machine for $3!

  8. I miss our 50 cent goodwill that was like that. I used to get old vintage bedsheets to make skirts from.

  9. audrey Hepburn purse for $2 :)

  10. Those blue suitcases on the left- my parents had those. I wonder if they still have them? I remember the sound the locks made when you opened them.

  11. I would love to be able to go to places like that but I have ocd really really badly and can’t even go in while my mom looks around.

  12. we went this weekend while out searching for yard sales and flea markets. We have gone to the one here in town before but decided to go to the one in the next town over (like a 5 min drive lol), it was definitely a little ghetto and quite dirty, that bothered me only because we had our daughter and she gets sick so easily. I found a casserole dish with lid that was the final piece of the set I have (yay!) and hubby found a small ice chest that was perfect for taking his lunch to work. It was worth going in there but was not quite what I was expecting. I need more places to go for bargains around here! lol

  13. you find all the best suitcases. i keep looking for those types, but i never find any. our goodwill stores here vary in prices. there is one in the city i used to live in that charges almost retail for everything.

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