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I'm trying to get in the habit of meal planning with Weight Watchers so I'm hoping if you are doing the same, this Freestyle Weight Watchers Meal Plan will help you! Scroll down to print the whole meal plan. You can also create a Pinterest board for meal plan ideas and put your own Weight Watchers meal plan together using your favorite recipes. Bookmark the recipes, pin them, and then print out the ones you want to use.

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Freestyle Weight Watchers Meal Plan for a Week

Looking for new ideas for Weight Watchers meals? Me, too! I'm working on new recipes all the time so feel free to comment or email me so I know what you want to see next.

Weight Watchers Breakfasts

Day 1: Quiche – 1FSP
Day 2: Muffin Tin Eggs – 0FSP
Day 3: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal – 4FSP
Day 4: Omelet – 2FSP
Day 5: Pancakes – 0FSP
Day 6: Breakfast Casserole – 1FSP
Day 7: Pop Tarts – 3FSP

Weight Watchers Lunches

Day 1: Pot Pie Casserole – 6FSP
Day 2: Tater Tot Casserole -10FSP
Day 3: Chinese Vegetable Soup – 2FSP
Day 4: Chicken Tenders – 6FSP
Day 5: Turkey Chili – 0FSP
Day 6: Waldorf Salad – 5FSP
Day 7: Tuna Cakes – 1FSP

Weight Watchers Dinners

Day 1: Salmon and Spinach – 0FSP
Day 2: Mini Stuffed Peppers – 5FSP
Day 3: Chicken Skillet – 0FSP
Day 4: Mushroom Burgers – 3FSP
Day 5: Mac and Cheese – 3FSP
Day 6: Chicken Stir Fry – 0FSP
Day 7: Easy Veggie Burgers – 3FSP

Freestyle Weight Watchers Meal Plan for a Week

Tips for Sticking to Weight Watchers: 

It can be hard for anyone to stick with a new way of eating. The reason I love Weight Watchers so much is that there is truly nothing off limits! You can have anything you want, you just have to account for it in your daily or weekly points. Since there are tons of zero point foods on this plan, you can easily mix and match foods to fit your personality and cravings.

Weight Watchers Restaurant Guides

When you go out to eat, you can stay on track with these Weight Watchers restaurant guides. I'll be adding more in upcoming months.

Olive Garden

Weight Watchers Freestyle Shopping Lists

Make sure to check out and grab our printable shopping lists below to make it easy when you are in store to grab the best WW FreeStyle friendly foods and snacks!

Weight Watchers Walmart Shopping List

Weight Watchers Target Shopping List

Weight Watchers Aldi Shopping List

Weight Watchers Trader Joe's Shopping List

Finding Weight Watchers Support You Need

All of these great recipes and our printable meal plan make it easier than ever for you to stick to this healthy lifestyle!  Make sure to join all of our support groups on Facebook to really make the most of your time using WW to get healthier. Not only will you find even more healthy recipes, but a unique support team of people who are following the same diet program as you.  This results in a way to get the support you need to stick to the program.

Weight Watchers Meal Plans

There's no shortage of resources on this blog and others. Save these free printable meal plans to your Weight Watchers arsenal! :)

Freestyle One Week Meal Plan
Free Printable Meal Plan
7 Day Freestyle Menu
SmartPoints Freestyle Meal Plan

Download my Cookbook!

Love low point recipes? Grab my free cookbook!

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