Fat Girls CrossFit

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My workout buddy and I aren't quite to the point of being able to do regular CrossFit, so we do what we so lovingly call Fat Girl CrossFit. :) Basically, they're modified moves but they still get your heart rate up and you'll burn a lot of calories. Fortunately, us fat chicks burn MORE. This workout burned around 400 calories for me, and I weigh 245 pounds.

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Fat Girls CrossFit

If you don't have access to a bar to do modified pull-ups, do crunches or jump rope instead. Axe chops (excuse the typo on the second one) are just like you're chopping wood, but with a heavy weight.

Try this workout and let me know what you think of it!

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  1. You rock! (I just had to delurk and leave a comment to let you know that! I’m following your weight loss journey and cheering you on!)

  2. I do modified cross fit too, there is a site that modifies it for us..he has rx which is doing the wod as prescribed, and then there’s puppies (which I do) and then there’s Buttercups..which I haven’t had to do yet, but I will if I can’t manage the other two. Good on ya for doing this girl! you are amazing!

  3. Sadie! I started CrossFit at 210 and I’m at 180.. You CAN CrossFit. They scale workouts down for you. I truly think you’d LOVE CrossFit

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