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Sadie has been looking at easy diy fire pits for a while now, but couldn't figure out which size, type, style, etc that she wanted. Today, when she went to work, I built her one.

Post and project completed by Rachel. :)

Easy DIY Fire Pit

Rake the gravel away from the area you're going to use for the fire pit. I used a hoe to get rid of the random rocks that weren't cleared out by the rake.

Easy DIY Fire Pit

After the rock was cleared, I used one of the paver stones to make sure the land was level and squared off. Some of it was bumpy, so I sprayed some water on it and smoothed it out with the hoe. It was like smearing paint, and made it much easier to work with.

Easy DIY Fire Pit

I laid the paver stones out to make a square, and then for the next level I turned the stones sideways like diamonds. This fire pit is 9 levels total, including the base level.

I wanted to do another level or two, but I think this is the perfect height.

Easy DIY Fire Pit

The cost of this project was $0, because our awesome friend, Beth, gave us the paver stones that she was going to throw away. If you buy them new, they're $1-2 each. This took about 82 paver stones. I recommend looking for them on Facebook because then they're free or cheap. People get rid of them all the time!

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  1. Rachel, I envy your creativity! This looks awesome :)

  2. DUDE! This is freaking brilliant! I am so excited cuz I’m gonna have a fire pit now! Woot! Thanks!

  3. I Love it!! My hubby has been looking to build one and I now I am going to forward him this post :) Good Job Rachel!

  4. :-) looks great, awesome creativity and I may have to steal this idea! simple and affordable. I’m off to check out facebook and craigslist now,lol

  5. This is fantastic! You guys are going to enjoy this for a long time. I love that the bricks are reclaimed!

  6. Thank you for this. …. my husband wants to do a fire pit of sorts byt i think i will show him this to see if i can change his mind about the in ground one he is thinking of.

  7. Yes, I am in agreement that it’s great and easy DIY fire pits! I should try it next winter season. By the way, great work and I appreciate you for the brilliant idea!

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