DIY Beer Tower Cake #hoosier

DIY Beer Tower Cake
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DIY Beer Tower Cake

This gift is perfect for Father's Day, Christmas… or any holiday, really. You can also use soda! Sweet, right? And super easy to put together.


diy beer tower cake

Gather your supplies: beer/soda (I used 24 but left the bottom tier hollow so you could probably use a few more if you wanted to), cardboard cut outs (I used Wilton's), duct tape, and tulle or ribbon.

DIY Beer Tower Cake

Secure the beer. In true #hoosier fashion, I secured the beer cans with duct tape. You can use hot glue, or something else, I suppose. Just make sure they're not going to slide around. If I drank beer, nothing would piss me off more than someone spilling it all over the place! ;)

It's really THAT simple… make 2 tiers or 3… or be a dare devil and make four. Add some ribbon and you're good to go!

Tip: This cake is HEAVY! To transport it, we took the layers apart and used extra duct tape to secure the cans to the cardboard. I would not suggest trying to carry it while it's put together. Unless you're drunk already, then that could be pretty hilarious. Be sure to send me pics!

diy beer tower cake

P.S. Don't hold it against me that my father-in-law drinks Busch!

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