The Day I Puked in a Kayak

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While visiting San Diego, I got this bright idea to do a kayak tour. It looked fun in pictures, and even though I get sea sick on boats, for some strange reason, the thought never crossed my mind that the same could happen in a kayak.

In a kayak in the freaking ocean. I mean, why in the world would that not cross my mind?

Anyway, the adventure started out just fine. We got in the kayak, surfed some waves (best part!!), and started rowing out towards the caves for our tour. The kayak was full – Nell in front, Grace in the middle, and me in back. The other kayak was full, too – Rachel's Mom in front, Saff in the middle, and Rachel in the back. Rachel's mom was terrified, which was actually pretty funny to me because she was being crabby the day before.

The Day I Puked in a Kayak

After we had been rowing for about 45 minutes, I started to feel sick. Honestly, I'm surprised that it didn't happen sooner. But, that's neither here or nor there. At this point, I'm feeling sick. Just trying to focus on rowing – by myself because EVERY time Nell started to row, she'd lean and almost tip us over – so I kept screaming “STOP ROWING… STOP LEANING”… pretty sure everyone in the tour thought I was a god awful mother.

At that point, obviously I didn't care, though. The life jacket felt like it was creeping up around my neck. I was doing that swallowswallowswallow thing to try to keep from puking. It only helped for like five minutes.

Barf. Everywhere. I couldn't lean over too much, or I'd tip us all over into the ocean.

More barf.

Puking again.

Nobody else in the tour noticed, except the snobby women that kept running their kayaks into everyone. Oddly enough, they stayed the heck away from us after I puked. Should've done it sooner.

After I was finished puking, I actually felt better. But by that time, I had scared the crap out of Nell and Grace, and they were both crying. I don't think they've ever seen me sick, so they were freaking out! I told them I was fine, but then they started to get sick!

Finally, it was time to row back. We were all sick, but focused on getting our asses to shore more than anything, so we didn't notice. We surfed some waves, landed safely on shore, and collapsed on the sand to get some much needed rest after our terrible experience. We went back to the hotel and slept the rest of the day.

boat and kayak tours san diego

Rachel, her mother, and Saff had a better time – until the end, when they all flipped out of their kayak. Hilarious.

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boat and kayak tours la jolla

P.S. Grace swam in the ocean! This is a photo of her getting back in the kayak. She had a blast, and was like “Woo hoo! I'm swimming!” I was like “Grace is swimming in the ocean! How awesome!” She then got ghost-white and said, “The ocean.. that's where.. SHARKS LIVE!!” and proceeded to scramble into the kayak as quickly as possible. Way to go, Mom!

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  1. That sounds freaking awesome Sadie!! Well not the puking part
    But everything else!! Lol Can’t wait to hear more adventures from your trip.

  2. I love how up-tight women stay away from pukers! Lol. For sure man, your trip sounds great, despite the negativity. Maybe we should go on a crusade to puke on up-tight women….lol. Cheers

  3. Had to click on a post with that title! I understand the seasickness thing. Once it takes hold, there’s no feeling better until you get it out. Then it’s Ok and you can carry on. Thanks for the humorous take on it though…and the great pix.

  4. Wow that is terrible! I have felt seasick on other boats but never a kayak. It’s good you can look back on it and laugh

  5. Though I am a traveller and I start my travelling since 2013. But I didn’t get any misadventures or didn’t face any bad situation. It’s really a good achievement for me. Don’t know what other travellers doing.

  6. Only once I felt seasick and It was a really bad experience….. hope doesn’t happen again.
    All the best!

  7. Oh gosh, I get motion sickness myself and feel like I would have puked too. You never know how you’re gonna feel out there in the water.

  8. Kayak adventures can be fun. I love kayaking. But after reading this post, I feel sorry for you.Thank god I did not ever puke! If I row for a long time, I feel motion sickness and taking rest for sometimes makes me relief.
    Looking forward to your another adventure.

  9. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. I prefer kayaking on calm lake waters or rivers. If I’m looking for adventure, I’ll do some whitewater kayaking!

  10. This happens sometimes. If you have motion sickness problem, I would advise you to stay in the calm water. Best of luck.

  11. OMG, the same happened to me when I did kayaking first time. But now it is really fun to kayak with friends and whales

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