Best Haunted Houses in Arizona

Top 10 Haunted Houses in Arizona

best haunted houses arizona
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Are you ready for the fright of your life? Did you know that Arizona is home to some hauntingly amazing haunted houses! If you are feeling brave, you can check out one or all of the top haunted houses in Arizona to give your Halloween the scary kick it needs!

Here are some of the Top Haunted Houses in Arizona for your terrifying pleasure:

Best Haunted Houses in Arizona

top haunted houses arizona

  1. Fear Farm Haunted House. The Fear Farm Haunted House has in the past been named as the Best Haunted House in Phoenix!  It is so scary that it is only recommended for those 12 and up. A haunted hayride, a sickening slaughterhouse and running from the undead are all activities in your future if you choose to head to the Fear Farm Haunted House.
  2. 13th Floor Haunted House. Okay, so most of us know that the 13th floor Haunted Houses are always scary and the one in Phoenix is no exception.  This Haunted house is truly one of the most horrifying experiences you will live through this Halloween. This Haunted House features 60,000 square feet of fear-inducing theatrics await you here at the 13th Floor Haunted House.
  3. Haunted Graveyard.  The Haunted Graveyard is one of Arizona’s longest-running Halloween attractions.  It got its start as a small display in 1986, at which time it was only a pumpkin patch and three gravestones.  The Haunted Graveyard has now become “The Haunted Graveyard presents Halloween Town” and features terrifying illusions, animated figures and plenty of scares.  
  4. Scarizona Scaregrounds.  Scarizona Scaregrounds has become known as Phoenix’s premier haunted house theme park. It features 3 different terrifying haunted houses, and for fun, an interactive paintball attraction. This haunted attraction has been featured on numerous media outlets, including an appearance on USA’s Greatest Haunts.
  5. The SlaughterHouse.  The Slaughterhouse prides itself on being the “ONLY Haunted House That's Actually Haunted.”  Here you will go up against a frightening Boiler Room, truly terrifying clowns, zombies set out to get you, and more.
  6. Field of Screams.  Imagine this… A corn field planted over an old graveyard.  What kind of fears await you here? Well for starters, the dead are now seeking revenge on anyone trespassing their grounds.  Will you make it through?
  7. The Crypt Haunted Attractions.  The Crypt Haunted Attractions have been voted Voted as “ONE OF THE SCARIEST HAUNTS IN AMERICA” on and for good reason.  Here you will find three different scary attraction that will leave you in fear long after your trip through the crypt is done.
  8. Sanctum of Horror.  Check out the Blackout Event happening this year at the Sanctum of Horror.  It was it said to be a parallel reality, the darkness has fallen over the Sanctum of Horror and your group will only be allowed one candle to use as light to make your way through the sanctum. Can you do it?
  9. Jack and Jill’s Haunted Hill.  Besides the amazing name, Jack and Jill’s Haunted Hill offers a lot to thrillseekers!  Jack and Jill’s Haunted Hill began 8 years ago as a ‘home haunt’ and has grown from there!  Visitors return year after year to get the best spine-tingling fear that comes from a 100% live and story-driven cast and the ‘local’ story that they spin and frighten you with.  This Haunted House touts being the only 2 story haunt in Arizona and you are guaranteed a trip through the haunt with just your group! No chance of running into other haunted house visitors.
  10. Zombie WarZ.  If you like your haunted house experience to be a little more interactive, then Zombie WarZ may be for you.  Here you will go head to head in a paintball battle with zombies, except the zombies don’t fire back. You are the last line of defense and need to hold them off to avoid the zombie apocalypse.


Do you have any favorite haunted houses in Arizona? Let me know in the comments!  

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