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Nell and I went shopping for her 8th Grade Promotion dress tonight. Nothing like waiting til the last minute (promotion is in 2 days)!

She tried on 6 dresses. Can you guess which one she picked?

8th Grade Promotion Dress Shopping

She absolutely LOVED the bottom right, but the entire back was missing (!!) and ain't nobody got time for that… psh.


She will be wearing black Converse, so I think the dress she picked is fitting. :)


Please ignore the “just moved in mess”. It'll be here for at least 6 months (this is my office).

8th Grade Promotion Dress Shopping

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  1. Adorable that was the one I liked the most

  2. I loved it or the bottom right one. So cute!

  3. Looks great … funny how there are proms for 8th grade these days. Never used to be back in our day…

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