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5 Ways to Double Your Income as a Virtual Assistant + a GIVEAWAY!!

Ways to Double Your Income as a Virtual Assistant
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Ways to Double Your Income as a Virtual Assistant

To double your income as a virtual assistant you really only have to do one thing: charge more.

Hilarious, right? Duh, Sadie, I know I have to charge more to make more. But how do you charge more? You can charge more once you bump your skillset up. That's the key, and that's what we're going to talk about today.

Never lower your prices.

Note: Affiliate links are used in this post.

Ways to Double Your Income as a Virtual Assistant

Never say never, but in 99.9% of situations, I say don't lower your prices. If you've listed something in the groups for sale and it's not moving, find out WHY. Finding out why is much better than selling something for $10 and attracting the wrong clients. Most clients that only want to pay $10 instead of $40 are the ones that are going to ask the most questions, complain the most, and be the most unhappy with everything. Clients that are happy paying $40 understand your value, they know you're worth that $40, and they aren't going to haggle over every little thing. Those clients are running successful businesses and those are the clients you want.

Charge more.

Yeah, yeah, we covered this already. I know. But it's worth talking about in a little more detail. I can write a 300 word article and sell it for $15, or I can write a 750 word article, add in some edited stock photos and an infographic, and charge $75. I can write a 500 word article and sell it for $25, or I can write a 1,000 word article and add an infographic, and sell it for $100. The higher priced articles will take more time, but not that much more time. You're already writing. You're in the zone. You're at 300 words… why not keep going? 700 words won't take that much longer! Spend a few minutes editing some stock photos, and you're good to go with a $75 article.

You can charge more when you deliver more value. It always comes down to delivering value. Yes, you want to make more. Yes, you want to charge more. The key to making that happen is to deliver value consistently.

Deliver early.

Delivering early doesn't necessarily make you a lot of money up front. Nobody is going to say “Oh let me pay you double because you delivered this so quickly!”. However, delivery is a large part of how you are perceived as a virtual assistant. If I buy something from you and you say it will be delivered “within 3 days”, but on the third day I don't receive it until midnight (showing you waited until the last minute to work on it), chances are I'm not going to order from you again.

On the other hand, if you say you'll deliver something within 5 days and you deliver it in 24 hours, you're staying at the top of my list! This is going to make you a lot of money with repeat customers.

Become an Expert.

You can literally learn anything online for free. You can either use your own time to learn, or pay someone to teach you. If you're on a budget, spend a few hours learning what you need to – and then practicing to perfect your craft. Whether it's article writing, infographics, web design, or whatever else, you can become an expert if you put the effort in.

Instead of dabbling a little here and there in everything, pick one topic and dig deep. An expert can easily charge twice as much as someone who just knows a little about their craft.

Improve Your Photography.

This tip should have been listed at the top, because it's the #1 tip I have for everyone who wants to double their income as a virtual assistant. I put it at the bottom in hopes that if you're a scanner (like I am), you'll pause and actually read this section.

When I say “improve your photography”, I don't just mean shooting photos at the right angle and with the right lighting. I mean the whole shebang: staging, shooting, and editing.

Click Start Club Photo Editing Course

Click Start Club offers a free photography course, and two amazing paid editing courses. I really like Stacie and Randa (the course creators), and I know they have experience because I've been following them online since about 2009 or so.

Think about how you can charge more just by improving your photography:

– Charge $50 instead of $30 for recipes.
– Add your own photography to articles.
– Sell your photography to stock photo websites!
– Create ebooks with recipes – these can go for $300+!

Take a Course.

There are so many courses out there, there's no way to list them all. And, let's face it, some are complete crap so I wouldn't even want to list them.

I offer a free Pinterest course for virtual assistants who want to up their game and start offering Pinterest management services. There is an add-on for $10 if you're interested in learning more about how I manage my clients so you can do the same. Check it out at!

Check out the post I mentioned above (where you can learn anything online for free) for more courses and tutorials.


Click Start Club

Two amazing prizes are up for grabs! You can win Click Start Club's courses AND a 3 month membership to my VIP program for virtual assistants.

Rocking VIP

I really, really want this prize to go to someone who is going to use it. Please do not enter unless you intend on putting the work in and making money with these prizes!

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  1. I’ve signed up for the free photography course. Thanks, ladies! I have a degree in photography but this is a niche in and of itself. I’m excited to learn -especially staging.

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