5 Things That are More Fun Than Puking in a Car

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Gracelynn gets car sick just like I do, so I told her she could help with this post. While my idea for the post was something like “How to Prevent Motion Sickness”, we agreed on “5 Things That are More Fun Than Puking in a Car'. So basically things that aren't necessarily fun, but things she'd rather do than get sick.

how to prevent car sickness

Do you remember when my mom puked in a kayak on our last family vacation? Yeah, that was fun, I was in the kayak with her. I wish she would've taken a Dramamine® before we went on that trip.

Apparently she passed that trait down to me and to Jenelle, too. Sapphire seems to have escaped the motion sickness ‘gene'.

I love to read and I love road trips but those two things don't mix together very well. I also don't like taking pills, so I was really happy when my moms showed me these new Dramamine® Motion Sickness Relief tablets FOR KIDS! They're chewable, you guys!

5 Things That are More Fun Than Puking in a Car

1. Staying home to babysit, instead of going somewhere fun.

2. Going to the doctor, because peeing in a cup is so awesome.

3. Dog sitting. This one isn't so bad, just a lot of work.

4. Going to the gym. I prefer running outside.

5. Eating brussels sprouts. Yes, still more fun than puking in a car. Maybe.

Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness

Did you know…?

Dramamine® for Kids treats symptoms of motion sickness on the spot and prevents nausea, dizziness, vomiting and queasiness.

Dramamine® for Kids

Dramamine® for Kids comes in a convenient travel case and contains a safe, precise dose in a fun, chewable grape flavor.

Dramamine® for Kids

5 Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness

I don't know if my tips will work for everyone else, but here are a few things I do to prevent myself from throwing up in the car. When mom puked in the kayak, we learned that it not only ruins your fun at the moment, it can ruin the person's fun for the whole day. I know if I get motion sickness, it lasts pretty much all day.

1. Look at things outside the car, but don't watch the trees go by and don't try to count the dashes on the road while you're driving by them.

2. Take a nap if you can. Taking a Dramamine® first can help make it easier because you won't be feeling as anxious about the trip so then you can sleep.

3. Don't eat anything spicy or greasy, which means skipping most fast food joints. Eat some cheese and crackers before your trip, snack on some pretzels or other bland foods during the trip.

4. Drink something that won't upset your stomach. My mom swears that soda makes her sick because it reminds her of every time she got car sick as a kid. Her parents would give her clear soda and that would just make it worse. It helps for me but if it makes you sick, try juice. Mom likes juice with ice, like apple juice or cranberry juice.

5. Sit near the air vents. If I'm not feeling so well, I need to have some fresh air. If you can't get A/C blowing in your face, roll the windows down a little.

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  1. Kia Dramamine is a lifesaver for us on long car rides. My 4 year old has been getting carsick since she was around 18 months old.
    I give her a quarter tablet for our summer road trip 5 hour drive and that’s enough to make it enjoyable for her, and no puke to clean up for me.

  2. Dramamine always makes it so that we don’t have to do the seat shuffle for the person who is feeling the sickest. For some reason, the front seat always makes you feel better (probably because you aren’t looking at everything moving on the side). Dramamine keeps mommy her seat!

  3. You’re right, puking in the car is laaaaame. I used to be able to lay down in the backseat and read for a 5 hour car trip. Now if I so much as glance at my phone, I’m ready to yark. Great tips, having the air vents on you or windows open really helps me!

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