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I recently wrote a post about how I signed up with Dealspotr and was super impressed with how quickly I was able to make $100. If you are a blogger, be sure to use code yYP0Ckv4 when you sign up through my referral link so you can earn more points. If you've already signed up for Dealspotr but want to UPGRADE to an influencer account, use this link.

Note: links used in this post are my Dealspotr referral links.

5 Quick Ways to Earn Money with Dealspotr

5 Quick Ways to Earn Money with Dealspotr

1. Validate or invalidate deals.: Points vary. Dealspotr is better than RetailMeNot because it doesn't have as many crappy invalid promo codes. Members (us!) get points for validating and invalidating deals and codes! So if you click on a deal to try and validate it but it doesn't work, now's your chance to grab a screenshot and invalidate it so others don't waste their time trying to use it.

To validate a deal:

How to validate a deal on Dealspotr

Find a deal and click on it. This box will pop up, then you'll click the link to be taken to the actual website where the deal is found.

5 Quick Ways to Earn Money with Dealspotr

Visit the website, select an item and add it to your cart. Then, apply the promo code from Dealspotr. Take a screenshot of your shopping cart, proving the code works.

Hint: When you click the deal from Dealspotr, it should automatically copy and paste the promo code.

Validating deals on Dealspotr

Once you've got a screenshot of the code in action, close that tab and you're back over at Dealspotr. Click “validate” or “invalidate” (it's the same process). Fill in the box stating whether the code is valid or not, then attach your screenshot.

Get paid for validating deals on Dealspotr

This box will pop up and it'll let you know how many points you were awarded for validating/invalidating the deal. If you haven't signed up as an influencer or blogger yet, you should because it's much easier to earn points that way.

How to earn money on Dealspotr

2. Add your own deals. Points vary. If you aren't a deal blogger, or aren't constantly couponing, you might be wondering where the heck to find deals to post, yeah? No worries! Coupon bloggers have already done the work for you. Head over to your favorite coupon blogs and grab one of their hot deals. Don't copy and paste, for obvious reasons, but make sure the deal works and then head back to Dealspotr with your screenshot to add your own deal, similar to how you validated a deal above. I'm not sure if there's any benefit to this, but I'm posting deals from a few stores and making sure they're HOT deals before I post them. I currently rank in the top 100 for Cabella's deals, because those are the deals I've posted so far. I'm not sure if there's a feed somewhere that will feature you for being ranked but I figure it's worth a shot to climb up the chain. I do know if you share a deal and it's marked as “FIRE” on Dealspotr, you'll earn more points. That's why you want to make sure you're sharing only the best deals. Don't just throw crap deals up to get a few points.

How to earn money on Dealspotr

I saw this deal on KCL. It's a great deal and I love Carter's, so I snagged it. First I headed over to the Carter's website, then I put PJs in my cart, and took a screenshot of the savings.

How to earn gift cards online free

Next, I headed back to Dealspotr and selected “add a deal” (top left under the logo).

How to earn gift cards online free

I went through the process of adding (and validating) the deal.

How to earn gift cards online free

Once you've uploaded the screenshot to validate the deal, you will see how many points you've earned. It seems like a lot of steps but takes about a minute, maybe two, and you earn 85 points. You can post a certain amount of deals each day. So if you have extra time and you've earned “Deal Rep” (Street Cred), you can post more deals. The first day I joined I was only able to post 8 I think? And now I'm able to post 20 or something.

Make money with Dealspotr

3. “Like” deals. Points vary. This one is easy. Just click the “thumbs up” icon when you're in the main deals feed. To get to the main deals feed, click the Dealspotr icon in the top left-hand corner. You can also “like” deals from your own feed. Your feed is made up of those who you follow/are subscribed to. When you refer someone, you'll get a notification saying they signed up. Head over to their profile and subscribe to their deals. “Liking” deals might not give you points each time, but if it's part of your daily checklist, it will help you complete it.

How to complete your daily checklist on Dealspotr

4. Complete your daily checklist: +200 points. This one is easy because it's usually just walking through the steps above. The checklist changes daily, but so far mine has consisted of posting or validating deals, liking deals, and sharing deals on social media.

How to earn more money with Dealspotr

5. Refer friends: +2,000 points or more. When a friend joins as an influencer and completes their checklist (including adding their first deal), you'll earn 5,000 points. That's $5! They will earn $5 as well. To refer a friend, click the BLUE button at the top of your page on Dealspotr that says refer. You'll be directed to a page where your referral link is ready for you to copy and paste.


I was told it can take up to a week to process your payment so don't freak out if you don't get paid immediately.

Have questions about Dealspotr? Let me know and I'll try to help!

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