14 Matching Mother Daughter Outfits

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Confession: I dressed all three of my girls in identical (not just matching – identical) outfits until Jenelle was like 7. Looking back, I realize how horrible it was LOL but it was so cute at the time I just couldn't help myself.

My girls love wearing dresses (at times), but I don't. To this day, they love matching and wearing similar outfits. Not just with each other, but with me as well. It's half cute half creepy, but I run with it.

Betting on the hope that your kids like to match as well, or that they're still young enough for you to force them into matching outfits, I rounded up this list of Matching Mother Daughter Outfits to inspire your copycatness. Yeah, it's a word.

heartbeat necklace

If your tweens or teens are “too cool” to match mom, consider getting identical necklaces. They don't have to say “mom” on them, but when you wear them you'll know you're matching. That's enough for most moms to feel special, and most teens to pretend it's not a “thing”. ;)

mother daughter outfits and acessories

Mother and Daughter Stripe Stitching Dress There's no safe outdoor picnic or birthday party that this outfit can't handle! Since I live in Arizona, this is just such an appropriate color and print; and you know I love my crazy prints.

mother daughter outfits

Purple Shirt Dress with Heart Whether you're going for a walk in the park or want to lounge on the couch, this is truly an adorable outfit for both to wear.

matching mother daughter outfits

Anchors Away Nautical Theme I have a complete obsession with all things nautical in design. Once I see, I have to have it…and it's no different with these stinking adorable dress!

matching pjs mom daughter

Pink Floral Mommy & Me Matching Pajamas When it's time to put your little one to bed, you know she'll be able to get to sleep with a big smile on her face in knowing that her mommy have a matching pajama set.

mother daughter matching pjs

Baseball Shirt Polka Dot Pant Sets This is another pajama set that is just too ridiculously cute to not share with you all. In fact…I need to buy these right now!

matching mom daughter outfits

Beige Jumper Outfits The next time you decide to take your daughter out for lunch or another special date location for the both of you, this outfit is everything. It's adorable, and plus stains won't show up too easy if she drops food on it. Yes! I'm always mom in thinking about clothes.

mother daughter matching dress

Striped Dress Matching Mother Daughter Outfits Let's admit it, sometimes you just need a super comfortable and cute dress to lounge around in, or maybe go to the store for a quick minute. You two will be super adorable together!

mother daughter floral dress

Kiccoly Handmade Custom Matching Dress Can I just say how infatuated I am with these matching dresses? They're freaking spectacular. I'm not a huge dress wearer, but I would wear this every day.

matching mother daughter dress

Lantern Three-quarter Sleeve Dress This attire is great for any occasion, even if you just want to go and grab you two a drink at a local coffee shop (one that makes decaf or fruity drinks, of course). Unless you're a sadist and want to see your child amped on caffeine, then go for it!

vintage mother daughter outfits

Elegant Woolen Yellow Vest Dress I'm love with this dress set! It's vintage styled, and it's like a great smile of sunshine is following you. How can you not be happy wearing this dress?

matching outfits for mom and daughter

Knitted Hello Sweaters These sweaters are simply fun & adorable, and great if you want to go out in jeans or khakis on a a great Fall day to walk around and enjoy the changing colors of the season.

tween mom daughter matching outfits

Baseball Sports Sweater This is another fabulous sweater set that's great for going out and enjoying a baseball game, or a small walk in the park. I love how they look like cardigans, but are actually a sweater!

chiffon matching outfits

Chiffon Beach Dress I am totally loving these sweet matching dresses. The print is just right, and the color is super amazing.

matching leggings mother daughter

Print Capris Family Matching Leggings I saved my favorite for last, and those are leggings!! I'm totally crazy about leggings and in as many crazy prints that the law will allow. Legging Army has leggings in one size, plus size, and kids sizes. My girls each own like five pair!

With all of these suggestions, you are sure to be able to find something to help you both bond over clothes for some Mommy and Daughter time.

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  1. I love the idea! Thanks for this. My daughter would love this idea. She was the one who introduced me with the idea of getting a matching necklace too. I guess we should move with matching outfits too.

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