Win a Pocket Taco in the Handbag Heaven Giveaway! #handbag Ends 2/18

Besides diamonds, what is every girls' best friend? Handbags of course?! Makobi Scribe is hosting a Handbag Heaven Event so you can have a ton of chances to win great bags! has many deals on items like handbags. You can search their site to find great prices and earn cash back when you shop. They are sponsoring a grand prize for this event of $200 Amazon gift card to put into your awesome handbag or to purchase another one! You can enter the grand prize giveaway here!

Win a POCKET TACO!! No, that's not a lesbian joke. I'm for realz, yo:

In addition to giving away the pocket taco, I'm doing a random surprise giveaway for a really awesome hand bag! It might be one of the bags pictured below. I will announce the prize when I announce the winner! :)

chicken purse

black and white tweed handbag

pink organizer

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now hop around to the other blogs to see what you can win from them!


  1. Beth Klaser says

    Who doesn’t want a pocket taco? I’d like to win the Pocket Taco. I’d let my daughter use it as her purse. :)

  2. Laura Miller says

    I’m not sure why I need one…other than I like saying ‘pocket taco’ lol.

  3. Louise says

    I would actually love the pocket taco for my 6 year old – she LOVES tacos, you should see the dance she does when she sees Taco Night on the meal plan! She likes to have a little purse to carry her allowance in, so this would be perfect for her!

  4. Angela Kinder says

    Aside from the fact that it’s totally cool, who wouldn’t want a pocket taco? It would be a great beauty bag!

  5. gerri dumas domicolo says

    Who doesn’t need a pocket taco?? :) It’s adorable!

  6. Rhonda Houchin says

    I have a giant purse I carry. Seriously its like a small suitcase. Matter of fact I call it my suitcase. Im forever in a day searchong in it for things like pens or medicine and usually end up turning it upside down and dumping everything out.

  7. vanessa dalton says

    I would use it in my purse to become more organized. To keep personal objects or coins in so that I don’t have loose stuff slipping around in the bottom.

  8. ZombieMommie13 says

    How you not possibly want a pocket taco. It’s so amazingly tacky it is beautiful! I am an incredible bag hag and this would be the pinnacle of my collection.

  9. KJ says

    I love anything that’s fun or a convo starter.

  10. Roe Clark says

    I love awesome unique items….this would fit in great for me…:-)

  11. MADDIE K. says


  12. Rose Jane Everett says

    I want my very own pocket taco sadie!! i also would love the chicken purse!! lol too freaking cute.

  13. Steph Hutchison says

    Pocket taco would be perfect for putting my budgeted “eating out” money. I always end up somehow putting it in with the rest of my cash when rushed/huge line behind me. I wouldn’t mind the rooster purse either…..oh the things I could say to people with either of them :)

  14. Korah Smith says

    i would love a pocket taco to carry all my little goodies in!! who wouldn’t love one of those :)

  15. andrea says

    This would be a great gift for our oldest daughter!

  16. Julie Keyworth says

    I need a pocket taco, because it’s just too cute! Who wouldn’t want/need one! :)

  17. Sonya says

    I need this because it’s so unique!

  18. natalie nichols says

    I want it because I want it! It’s awesome! lol

  19. melissa t says

    I need a pocket taco sooooo bad. I lose everything in my purse. Used to carry smaller ones but since when we are out I have to hold hubby’s stuff and the kid’s I have to use a larger purse. It is like the black hole. I wouldn’t be shocked if jimmy Hoffa is not in there.

  20. sherri k says

    It’s so cool and no one else I know would have one, and I love to have stuff that other people don’t have.

  21. angela cunningham says

    i need one because it cute

  22. Helene Tienda says

    I don’t need it, but my daughter would absolutely LOVE it. Thanks!!

  23. Jennifer W says

    Uh anyone who doesn’t need a pocket taco is flat out cray-cray!

  24. Tiffany Jank says

    Why wouldn’t I want a pocket taco? ! It is amazing and would be a great convo starter.

  25. gerry davison says

    goodness, who doesnt need one? why? because it is awesome!!

  26. Raina DelRio says

    I need a pocket taco, just so I can say pocket taco. Also it is so awesome, I just gotta have it!!!

  27. Jewels moran says

    I’m an organizational freak and my purse drives me nuts so I think that might help me.

  28. cathy stech says

    Ok…Honest…. I don’t at all NEED a pocket taco, I just like to be different and have something that others don’t. If I were a man, I could be the most flamboyant DRAG Queen on the earth! MEOW!!!!

  29. Erika Fultz says

    I have a young baby, and always have my hands full, so a pocket taco would be great to keep my stuff organized in the diaper bag!!

  30. christy colln says

    Who wouldn’t want to win a pocket taco! I do! Thanks for the chance!

  31. Samantha Baker says

    I need a pocket taco because it looks super cool.

  32. Sarah Hall says

    I really need to be more organized……maybe this would help me.

  33. Tenaya Christine Rosas says

    Uh, who doesn’t need a pocket taco!

  34. elven johnson says

    My friends would love this!!

  35. EMMA L HORTON says


  36. Anastacia Caldwell says

    I NEED a pocket taco to give myself a giggle every time I see it, I would probably have to fight my kids for it ;)

  37. Tari Lawson says

    I would love it to keep my pencils and things in for work. The kids I work with would love it.

  38. Tracy says

    I need a pocket taco so I can hide all my girlie things in something that no one would think to look in!

  39. Donna Cheatle says

    I think everybody needs a pocket taco! I need one to make my daughter jealous! She’ll love it

  40. Debra Givens Wagner says

    That is the cutest thing! I need on because I always need an extra pocket!

  41. Brandi Price says

    Haha! I don’t NEED one but I think it is hilarious!

  42. Melinda Dartmann says

    I’ve never seen anything quite like it and I’m pretty sure no one I know has either! I would love to show this around!

  43. Megan Parsons says

    I want it because I love unique things and this is so unique!

  44. Debbie Petch says

    I am going to enter this contest. Sounds great.
    Thanks for the picture airbrush tips!

  45. says

    Who wouldn’t want a pocket taco? What a great conversation starter!

  46. Rose says

    Because it’s too cute for words!

  47. thuy vu says

    It is so weird that I kind of like it. It would make a great gag gift.

  48. andie says

    Fun, will make me smile every time I pull it out – that’s reason enough.

  49. Danelle says

    I don’t exactly need one! But since that was the friggin oddest tweet I have ever tweeted, I MUST have it! Even if I have to end up purchasing it myself

  50. Autumn Greene says

    I think EVERYONE needs a pocket taco…I cant think of even one reason why I DONT need one. Loose change? Nahhh I can just through it in my taco! Chapstick keeps falling out of my pocket? Ill stick that in my pocket taco too. I think its a great and very unique way to keep organized. Its funny and def suits my weird style lol

  51. Stephanie Brown Eversole says

    I’m pretty sure that I already have a Pocket Taco, but the husband likes it so much that he could maybe use one of his own, lol.

  52. jamie lafever says

    id like to have one because no one i know has one and id love to have something no one else has first.

  53. susan crutcher says

    Because it is funny & adorable!!!

  54. corey says

    I’d give this to my daughter – I think she’s love it. very unique.

  55. Nikki Perry says

    I need a pocket taco to hold my pocket lettuce of course!

  56. sarah says

    well, i need this because i LOVE tacos and also because it would make a fun gag gift!

  57. Jessica Lodge says

    I think it’s hilarious! I would totally rock the pocket taco!

  58. Lorna England says

    ..because it’s so unusual (and practical), would be the perfect gift for a friend who spends hours digging thru her handbag looking for various small items.

  59. Amy B says

    So I can whip out my taco at the checkout counter and not get arrested!

  60. Ruth chu says

    Because my lil sister loves EVERY and ANYTHING Mexican related. It would make a great bday gift which is in less then two months….I can see her face lol

  61. Amanda Alvarado says

    This would keep all those little items that float around in my purse all in one place!

  62. julie clement says

    I love it!! I have an obsession with bags and never saw a Pocket Taco till now and I really want it :)

  63. jessica hager says

    I would like to win a pocket taco because i sorta don’t know what it is. Maybe a change purse? I like odd items so this would be perfect for me.

  64. says

    I need a Pocket Taco so I can carry my samples in it and have a GREAT reason to open it up when people ask me about it! LOL

  65. Lesley M. says

    I need one because I think its absolutely hilarious!


    Only because it is the coolest thing ever to keep my purse organized with.

  67. Lisa T says

    I’d give it to my 16yo daughter for her purse! She could put her phone in it to keep it safe

  68. Elly says

    I love quirky stuff like this! :)

    I need to use this for a makeup bag!

  69. Brandy P. says

    Pocket taco is hilarious!! I would love to give that to my daughter, she loves purses and would think this one is funny. I love these giveaways!!!

  70. Myrna says

    The pocket taco is the funniest thing! I’d love to have it!

  71. Lisa Romine says

    This is completely hilarious. I’d give this as a gag gift to a friend.

  72. Candice Hull says

    I think the real question is why wouldn’t I? I love quirky and fun bags. I am the type of person that has no problem walking around with a guitar purse or C3PO head purse.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  73. Karen T Gonyea says

    I need a pocket taco because it would always make me smile :)

  74. Nikki O says

    To keep my lipsticks and things that often get lost in my big bag.

  75. Sarah p says

    I think the pocket taco would be perfect to put a few things in and toss into the diaper bag for our days out lol not to mention its funky and I like stuff like that.

  76. Jennifer R says

    I need a pocket taco because it is such a unique piece and my mother in law would adore it.

  77. annette campbell says

    One of my friends has the chicken purse. I would love to get one just like her!

  78. Jennifer Johansen says

    Plain and simple, for the innuendo. :P

  79. lauren p says

    its a convo piece for sure! lol

  80. Lorayne Gothard says

    Ummm because I can’t live without that cute pocket taco!!!

  81. Tenielle S says

    Who doesnt want a pocket taco! It looks very cute!

  82. Heather says

    I really need a pocket taco. 1. I love tacos! 2. Pockets are one of the greatest things ever! So this is the best of both worlds!

  83. Dannan Beltran says

    My daughter who is 13 years old wants to use the Pocket Taco as a pencil case. Dare to be different – describes her style to the T. She was wearing mismatched socks before anyone else at her school.. or before it became the “style”.

  84. traci s says

    would love to win this, i would give to my daughter to use at work, it would bring a smile to all that saw it!!

  85. rhonda hagy miller says

    Because I dont have one..:)

  86. Wendy c g says

    I love the chicken handbag, pocket taco would be great for my daughter

  87. Laura B says

    I need it because it’s awesome! And I could use something to keep my loose stuff – like lip gloss and hair ties in

  88. Danielle Kilburn says

    Because its funny and I always have too much loose change in the bottom of my purse.

  89. Arline F. says

    who wouldnt want a pocket taco?!?! I think it is full of awesomeness

  90. says

    A pocket Taco?! Who DOESN’T want one! This is so awesome LOL

  91. Katie Pederson says

    Why do I need a pocket taco? How would I NOT need a pocket taco? I need it to carry my camera around in. Or maybe I’ll just use it for carrying tacos around. “Hey, what’s in your pocket taco?”

    “A taco. Duh.”

  92. Michelle Tucker says

    I NEED this, because my husband says that if he doesn’t have a pocket taco he just might go slightly mad. Haha. OMG, I really do love this.

  93. says

    Everyone needs to have a pocket taco, although in my line of work…well…yeah, you know. Anyway, honestly, I love crazy eccentric things and this would fit perfectly in the collection.
    Mary recently posted..Healthy Snack: Pickle Juice CarrotsMy Profile

  94. Jess says

    I dont, but the title is such a seller I just wanna share it with everyone!

  95. Deb R says

    I need a pocket taco purse cuz it’s so cute!

  96. Tiffany Murr says

    I want to win this because I do not have one lol

  97. Amy Smart says

    I need a pocket taco because anything bigger than that is unnecessary. :-)

  98. Debbie Corbin says

    well i need a pocket taco because my grand kids would think i was the coolest nana ever!! or craziest, but thats another thing lol!

  99. Vicki F. says

    Mostly so people would ask, “What’s a pocket taco???”

  100. Maegan Morin says

    I LOVE everything cute and quirky and the Pocket Taco is definately that!! LOVE IT!

  101. Amanda Greene-Lebeck says

    My daughter would love this for her makeup, its AWESOME!!!!

  102. Vicki Howes says

    A Pocket Taco is fabulous!

  103. Brooke Adametz says

    Because it freakin rocks! Every mom needs a pocket taco for her next playdate- its good for shock factor LOL!

  104. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    Would be a great conversation starter haha

  105. Bonnie Ridenour says

    I want it because it is just so cute and I’ve never seen a Pocket Taco before!

  106. golden storm says

    i love it!! i loved your joke and i am a lesbian thanks for the laugh!

  107. Sarah L says

    Because it will make me smile every time I use it.
    Thanks for the contest.

  108. Laurie Emerson says

    I absolutely need this as after seeing it I cannot imagine not having one!! It is so adorable and all of my friends would ask where I got it and would I let them borrow it!

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