Besides diamonds, what is every girls' best friend? Handbags of course?! Makobi Scribe is hosting a Handbag Heaven Event so you can have a ton of chances to win great bags! has many deals on items like handbags. You can search their site to find great prices and earn cash back when you shop. They are sponsoring a grand prize for this event of $200 Amazon gift card to put into your awesome handbag or to purchase another one! You can enter the grand prize giveaway here!

Win a POCKET TACO!! No, that's not a lesbian joke. I'm for realz, yo:

In addition to giving away the pocket taco, I'm doing a random surprise giveaway for a really awesome hand bag! It might be one of the bags pictured below. I will announce the prize when I announce the winner! :)

chicken purse

black and white tweed handbag

pink organizer

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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