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How to Use Custom Fonts in PicMonkey

So you've already learned how to start a blog, how to make money with your blog, and how to make business cards using PicMonkey. Now, it's time to learn how to use custom fonts! This is a feature that many of us have been waiting for since PicMonkey (affiliate) first launched! It's HUGE!

How to Use Custom Fonts in PicMonkey

I love PicMonkey because it has tons of features - the custom fonts option takes the cake, though. I'm seriously obsessed with downloading them. I think I downloaded about 100 this week. Is there a Font Addicts Anonymous I can join?

How to Use Custom Fonts in PicMonkey

How to Use Custom Fonts in PicMonkey

Go to your favorite free font site - my fav is Choose your font. For this tutorial, I chose something a little crazy: TRASHCO.

How to Use Custom Fonts in PicMonkey

Click download.

How to Use Custom Fonts in PicMonkey

Open the file, and click install.

How to Use Custom Fonts in PicMonkey

Restart your computer. Log into PicMonkey, and click the text button. You'll see your fonts mixed in with the regular fonts.

How to Use Custom Fonts in PicMonkey

Go wild!

Where do you get free fonts? Which ones are your favorites?

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Carissa Pelletier - Great tip! I didn’t realize it had this feature now… comes in very handy!

Kecia - I love, love, love that they have added this feature in Picmonkey! I have one less reason to even open Photoshop on my computer now. I get my fonts from or from online friends.

Heather {Brie Brie Blooms} - This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Julie - You’re a genius! This is definitely a game changer. Thanks so much for sharing!

michelle yozzo - I saw this option on the site the other day but had no idea what it was thank you !!

Heather Lian - This is like…blogger heaven :)

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