I have seen a few dozen posts this morning, talking about “what's your word for 2017?”. For weeks I've tried to come up with a word, but it's just not happening. A why-one-word-is-not-enough-for-my-2017

Let's try it anyway. My mantra is “work less make more”.

Work? No, not a good word for 2017.

Less? Sure, but I want to make more, so no.

Make? Uh.

More? Yeah! But.. I want to work less.

I have ADD. I need a word each week (or day or hour). Coming up with a word for the whole year is stressing me out!

I love the power behind the word “slay”, but it's so overused it's ruined for me. Slay will not be my 2017 word.

Same with hustle. I love the word but it doesn't really cover everything I want for my 2017.

I'm struggling, guys. I just can't sum my goals up in one word. It's tough enough to break it down to a sentence!

My goal is to come up with a 2017 word… just give me a few.

What's your word for 2017?