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We've all been there – a screaming bratchild in a restaurant and all you really wanted to do is eat in peace. You left your house, away from your own bratchild and you just. want. to. breathe.

Or maybe, just maybe, your child is with you and behaving …  and you're oh-so-glad. Then this toddler over yander is screaming its head off over some god damn pancakes. You want to smack the mom upside the head for allowing said toddler to ruin your meal, no? Okay so maybe that's just me. But either way, there's a point to this story – and it's not that screaming toddlers shouldn't be allowed in restaurants. ;)



If you're a restaurant owner and you see this kid screaming because they insist on having 3 huge pancakes, what do you do?

A. Give the paying customer what they freaking paid for – win/win. You make money, the kid shuts up.

B. Scream at the toddler and the mother, and then threaten to kick their asses via social media.

Which one did the owner of Marcy's Diner do? Oh I'll give you one guess.

Marcy's Diner

Oh and they even made their own status about it.

Marcy's Diner

Then again, I'm not sure Marcy really gives a shizz about what parents think when they drop the F bomb regularly on their status updates.

Marcy's Diner

What do you guys think? I see the point of the business owner – if your child is literally disrupting 75 other people, take it outside, man! I know how sucky it is to pay for a meal and not get to enjoy it because someone's special snowflake is having a fit.

HOWEVER — as a business owner, I really don't think you should behave the way this owner did, and if an owner yelled at my child (whether shewas being obnoxious or not), we'd have major issues – just like this lady did.

At the end of the day, I think both were in the wrong – and I know most people aren't expecting me to say that.

The interwebz seems to be divided amongst childless folks that can't stand to hear screaming kids in restaurants, and moms who surely know what it's like to deal with a meltdown.

marcys diner crying kid

marcys diner crying kid

And of course the parents of that have to talk about how amazing their babies are. She does make a good point.

marcys diner maine

I'll be watching to see how this one plays out. Marcy's got over 1000 “likes” on their post about the screaming toddler, when usually they get like… 5. Generally speaking, if you talk to a customer in this way – especially on social media – your business will crash and burn. Crash. And. Burn. But who knows, maybe those that hate screaming children will flock to Marcy's to make sure they succeed.

Sound off: What do YOU think of the whole situation?

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  1. I am a single woman without children. I have been around children my entire life (mom is an in home daycare provider). I don’t enjoy listening to crying/yelling kiddos while eating out but I would never condone yelling at a child or patron out in public. A business owner who portrays herself as she has on fb will never get my business. EVER.

    What happened to going and asking how she could help them have a better experience/calm the child??

  2. I think the owner should’ve approached the table and asked them to quiet the kid in some sort of way. Or brought the kid a sundae/cookie, etc, to pacify him/her. Especially if other customers complained and or left due to the ruckus. It’s one thing to let a kid bawl for 5-10 minutes, but any longer tab that without some sort of a diversion tactic is pretty shitty on the parents part. At least ACT like you’re trying to calm the child down.
    The owner was very unprofessional in her actions in person and also blasting them on social media. She seems like the type of idiot that Kitchen Nightmares would feature.
    I agree with Sadie, both parties suck horse cock.

  3. I agree – they’re both in the wrong. You don’t scream at a child like that. However, the parents needed to take the kid outside. Or pack up their stuff and leave. I would never let my child scream in a restaurant. It’s just rude.
    It seems that no one in this scenario had any respect for anyone else. And if it “takes a bit of time” to make 3 stupid pancakes, you shouldn’t be offering them anyway because clearly you’re doing something wrong. I can make 3 in 5 minutes on my stove.
    Christina recently posted..Never Work a Day In Your LifeMy Profile

  4. Not that I condone the owner yelling at the parents or the child or slamming them on social media, but this should be a wake up call for the parents to be better parents and teach their kid some manners or leave it at home if they choose to dine out.
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  5. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I’d also be interested to hear the story from other patrons who witnessed the interaction.

    1. I’ve been waiting for others to speak up!

  6. Why is it okay for a fully grown adult and restaurant owner to yell (At a toddler) and be pissy (All over social media, too) but it is not okay for a CHILD to yell when they are hungry? Why is it clearly okay for you to have a bad day, but it isn’t for a little person who doesn’t freaking know any better? You SHOULD know better, but you clearly don’t! Why the hell do you expect better from a toddler than you do from yourself?

    Don’t give me the ‘teach your child manners’ BS. You don’t know how this mother is teaching her child, or if she has ever even been in a situation where her daughter had to wait for her food! That baby may not have really felt hunger before, She and her mama might not have known how to handle it. THE CHILD IS LEARNING! And the mom is learning how to be a parent. This place should not have been a diner if they can’t handle a crying kid, I don’t go to a diner when I’m not prepared to hear children.

    1. I wouldn’t say that it was okay for anyone to yell at a toddler, and I wouldn’t say that it’s NOT okay for a toddler to yell. The problem lies when the mother is ignoring the child and not fixing whatever issue it is the toddler is crying about. We shouldn’t have to avoid diners just so we don’t have to hear kids screaming. Parents, take care of your kids’ issues or take them outside til they calm down.

  7. Conrad von Hitchenbruuker IV, Esquire says:

    Great job Marcy!!
    You are doing what any good business owner would have done, taking care of your customers.
    Folks want a quiet meal and do not want to listen to some Libtard’s kid crying at the top of their lungs. I got kids; they get unruly you take them out. How hard is that morons.
    Besides, it worked! The child stopped crying!

  8. First, the pancakes were there in the middle of the table. Mommy was not feeding the child fast enough.
    I never had this happen with my toddlers. I made sure they had finger foods to hold while I feed them. Many people told me they didn’t even know there were “babies” in the restaurant.
    Second, this was HIS establishment with other customers. Evidently the mother was too busy talking. I do not like to be seated near children, especially with one behind be in a booth. They pull my hair getting food into it, they try to climb over the seat, the whine, and scream … parents believing every one should just adore their little darlings.
    Third, not having this family come back is a blessing. People who want to eat in peace will not know where to go

  9. Nothing worse than trying to relax at a restaurant and have screaming, crying or loud children ruin the meal that you are paying for…wait yes, there is something worse, parents who have zero class or consideration for anyone else and let their children yell, scream or cry. The diner owner should of asked the parents to pay their bill and leave because their child was disturbing other patrons as well as the staff!! The parents are a disgrace!

  10. All of you who think that the diner owner handled this inappropriately are complete idiots. NOBODY should have to put up with a toddler that won’t stop crying and parents that won’t do anything about it. Seriously, the staff and the other people at the restaurant should not have to put up with that crap. These parents are totally spineless, trying to cry on social media for attention when all they needed to do was shut their kid up or take it outside! I stand by the Marcy’s Diner Owner 100%, and that family can go screw themselves.

  11. Keep your crotch goblins at home where they belong.

  12. Kids cry. Kids scream. Kids are loud. Kids squeal. This was a DINER. Diners cater to families. If you don’t want to hear children go to a different type of establishment. If this was a five star expensive restaurant I could understand a little better but when I’m in a family dining establishment I expect families, and noise comes hand and hand with families. This could have been handled by the owner in a number of ways but no where in the list of ways she could have handled it is, “scream at a toddler and then bitch about it on Facebook”. She’s an idiot. I remember when my daughter was a toddler, (she’s ten now, ) a local diner was taking a long time with our breakfast and my daughter was crying. Her toys and my keys weren’t enough to keep her busy and she kept crying. I don’t know if anyone complained or if the manager was just being proactive but the manager came over, brought a coloring book and crayons. He apologized for the food taking so long and had a little dish of applesauce brought out. He stood there and talked and played with her while the waitress was getting the applesauce, and my daughter instantly enamored by her new “friend” quickly quieted down. At the end of the meal, he had also charged us half price for our food. THATS customer service. THATS the way to get a lifelong customer. This woman has ruined her reputation. What an idiot.

    1. Actually the outpouring of support she has received has surged her business. Surprising but it happened. Literally went from 2K fans to 45K fans in under a week on Facebook. I’m sure they have a line out the door!

      1. I dont know. I mean I believe you of course that the woman might have gotten more likes and everything. But I just wonder how many are from her community and how many are from people all over the country? Also maybe in the short term, people will come by to “support ” her but as the story dies down I’m thinking that she probably will be left with just her regulars minus people who are offended by her attitude and also minus most parents of small children. I mean I personally think she’s a c word and wouldn’t go to her restaurant but even if I didn’t think that I’d be scared to go if I had a little child. What if she started crying or fussing or being loud? No one should be nervous to go to a little diner because their children might not act “perfect”. That’s just my opinion though. Might be wrong:)

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