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We've all been there – a screaming bratchild in a restaurant and all you really wanted to do is eat in peace. You left your house, away from your own bratchild and you just. want. to. breathe.

Or maybe, just maybe, your child is with you and behaving …  and you're oh-so-glad. Then this toddler over yander is screaming its head off over some god damn pancakes. You want to smack the mom upside the head for allowing said toddler to ruin your meal, no? Okay so maybe that's just me. But either way, there's a point to this story – and it's not that screaming toddlers shouldn't be allowed in restaurants. ;)


If you're a restaurant owner and you see this kid screaming because they insist on having 3 huge pancakes, what do you do?

A. Give the paying customer what they freaking paid for – win/win. You make money, the kid shuts up.

B. Scream at the toddler and the mother, and then threaten to kick their asses via social media.

Which one did the owner of Marcy's Diner do? Oh I'll give you one guess.

Marcy's Diner

Oh and they even made their own status about it.

Marcy's Diner

Then again, I'm not sure Marcy really gives a shizz about what parents think when they drop the F bomb regularly on their status updates.

Marcy's Diner

What do you guys think? I see the point of the business owner – if your child is literally disrupting 75 other people, take it outside, man! I know how sucky it is to pay for a meal and not get to enjoy it because someone's special snowflake is having a fit.

HOWEVER — as a business owner, I really don't think you should behave the way this owner did, and if an owner yelled at my child (whether shewas being obnoxious or not), we'd have major issues – just like this lady did.

At the end of the day, I think both were in the wrong – and I know most people aren't expecting me to say that.

The interwebz seems to be divided amongst childless folks that can't stand to hear screaming kids in restaurants, and moms who surely know what it's like to deal with a meltdown.

marcys diner crying kid

marcys diner crying kid

And of course the parents of that have to talk about how amazing their babies are. She does make a good point.

marcys diner maine

I'll be watching to see how this one plays out. Marcy's got over 1000 “likes” on their post about the screaming toddler, when usually they get like… 5. Generally speaking, if you talk to a customer in this way – especially on social media – your business will crash and burn. Crash. And. Burn. But who knows, maybe those that hate screaming children will flock to Marcy's to make sure they succeed.

Sound off: What do YOU think of the whole situation?