Approximately 24 million Americans have asthma and an estimated 50 million are affected by nasal allergies. Sapphire has asthma and allergies, and now that we live across the road from a cotton farm, apparently I have allergies, too! When I first realized I had allergies, I had scheduled an appointment with my doctor because I thought I had strep throat! I was miserable, pretty much thought I was dying, and ended up being pretty embarrassed that it was “just” allergies. But allergies are no joke!

3M Wearable Technology at CES

When I heard about a new product coming out that can help track allergy triggers, I was excited to learn more! I just got back from my trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. I met with 3M Company (yes, that 3M!) to talk about a new wearable technology they’re unveiling in a few months.

3M Company recently unveiled an innovative new wearable technology intended to monitor and potentially help predict and improve the quality of breathing for consumers in any environment. In simple terms, it’s a small wearable device that tracks and monitors respiratory patterns. The device monitors changes in breathing and provides information on whether environmental factors are playing a role at the time you’re having difficulty breathing.

Introducing 3M’s New Wearable Technology at CES: My Trip to Las Vegas

For example, with Sapphire having asthma, it’s nice to be able to track what is causing breathing issues. Every time you start wheezing, is it super humid? Is it hot? Cold? Is there a cat in the room? Did you just eat a certain food? By using 3M’s new wearable technology, paired with the smartphone app, you’ll be able to figure out if there are any common denominators for your breathing patterns and flare-ups.

Introducing 3M’s New Wearable Technology at CES: My Trip to Las Vegas

Using real-time data and analytics, the new wearable technology helps those with respiratory sensitivities gain simple control over their daily activities by understanding triggers and other environmental factors that can cause flare-ups. This enables better symptom management.

This new wearable technology will be available for purchase in the summer of 2017. The app offers location-based forecasts, maps and alerts to track changes in weather, allergens, and air quality. Think of it like a personalized coach offering guidance to reduce flare-ups based on your unique set of triggers and sensitivities.

If you or someone you love suffers from allergies or lives with asthma, this new wearable technology is going to be VERY exciting to try out!