Homemade Hot Pocket Recipe

This homemade hot pocket recipe is really easy, and they taste great! My mom worked a lot when I was growing up, so I lived off of frozen pizzas, spaghetti o's, and... you guessed it, Hot Pockets! At $1 or more a piece, they can get expensive for a family of 5 - plus, homemade is always better! I paid less than $5 for ingredients to make 10 homemade hot pockets tonight, and wanted to share this simple recipe with you!

hot pocket recipe


Refrigerated pizza dough
pizza sauce
Optional: meat, veggies, etc


hot pocket recipe

Unroll refrigerated pizza dough onto the counter or cutting board. Slice into even pieces - either with a glass cup (to make half-circles) or with a pizza cutter (to make rectangles as pictured).

hot pocket recipe

Top each piece of crust with a few teaspoons of pizza sauce, some cheese, and whatever else you want inside your hot pockets. With your first batch, you may want to just do sauce and cheese until you get the hang of it. Lots of our toppings cooked out on our first time around because they were too full. Once you're finished filling them, fold them over and press the edges with a fork.

Bake at 425 for about 15 minutes - depending on the size of your hot pockets, and the way your oven bakes things, your timing may be a bit different.


You can always make your own pizza dough and sauce, but I'm too lazy for that shit. Enjoy!

Nena Sinclair - I like this! So much better than the store-bought ones, at least you know what’s in them when you make your own!

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Shamarah Prince - oh wow.. I’ve got to try this for my family.. They go through Hot Pockets like crazy!!!

Carolann Calies Foerch - Definitely one I will try with many dif stuffings. My oven doesn’t work, but my toaster oven does and this will be perfect especially to fix for one person. Thanks for sharing. love it

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