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Gracelynns Super Short Haircut

gracelynns haircut

So Rachel said NOOOOO short hair.

But Grace really really wanted it.

She showed her a picture of Miley... and Pink...

And then I guess Rachel somehow softened up, because this is the picture I received!

Gracelynns Haircut

Gracelynn LOVES it.

Gracelynns haircut

Gracelynns haircut

Haircut Crisis Right Before Middle School Starts - Slap Dash Mom - […] is no stranger to short hair. Neither is Grace. We love funky hair in our house! But this time it was […]

Crystal - I love it! She can have a lot of fun with colored hair gels to spunk it up with a lil streak or two in the front!

Missy - This is absolutely adorable on her. I think its great she was able to express herself with this cute haircut and love that your girls are so secure with their identities.

Greta - AHHHH!!! It’s so short!! And so cute!! That will be great for summer.

Denise - That haircut is so cute on her!!!!! She looks so happy and it looks really good on her.

BETTY C - Stunning haircut- shows off her pretty face!!!

Shanna - Super cute and stylish! Makes me want to get mine cut short!

Elaine Lund - Wow! She looks like a super star!

Christy@SweetandSavoring - What wow a difference! It really does make her like less of a little girl- which is bittersweet, I suppose. Super cute and I love that she showed a pic of Pink!

Dawn M. Thomas - Love it!

Karen David - It looks very cute.on her.

Sandy - That’s sooo cute !. She’s stylin’ and fashionable. :)

SlapDashMom - It is difficult to let them choose their own hairstyles when they’re out of the “norm”. I’m thankful that short hair is more acceptable now than it was 15 years ago when I was cutting mine short! :) Thanks so much for reading my blog. I appreciate it!

Beth @Goodness Gracious Living - She looks fabulous! If you were my husband, I would have secretly killed you ;-) I’m so glad that she is happy in her skin to know exactly what kind of funky haircut she would look great in. She’s inspiring me to change it up at my next cut, but I an not as daring as she is :-) Love following you on FB and love reading your blog!

Erica C - She looks great! Would love to see the side view of it. :)

Stephanie Hamilton - Can see more of her beautiful face

debra daigle - I Love it! She’s making it look great!

Denise Bertacchi - Looks cute! The fun thing with hair is that it grows…kids should be allowed to play with their look.

Michelle Yozzo - She is so beautiful !! And it’ll dry quick and be perfect for her first AZ summer !!

Rose - First of all, she’s adorable. I think the shorter cut really brings out her features. I don’t normally like cuts like this but it totally works on her! You can really see her eyes and you can tell she feels confident with this cut. Love it!

Moxie Ninja - She looks SO much older! OMG she’s all grown up! What happened?!?!?!!??!?!!

Heather Lian - Aww…she’s rocking it!! I wouldn’t worry too much about it! ;)

Meg Ashfield - OMG too cute. It looks good on her and she is smiling. A win all the way around

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