Good Teacher VS Bad Teacher

Good Teacher VS Bad Teacher

We’ve all had them both, good teachers… and bad teachers.

There were the ones that loved us like we were their own children, and the ones that we dreaded seeing every single day.

Let’s not forget the ones that went above and beyond to make sure we knew we were welcome in their classrooms! And the ones that went above and beyond to be total jerks.

I remember my good teachers first. In kindergarten, I had Mrs. B. She was amazing and made me feel like I was part of a family instead of just a classroom. Mrs. Elders was in 1st grade, and she was great, too. Ms. Twibell in 3rd grade was probably my favorite.

Mrs. Thompson was my 2nd grade teacher and still to this day I remember the grumpy look she had on her face every. single. day. Mrs. McBride constantly told me I was smart but a brat… I think that was probably true, but you aren’t supposed to tell a student that!

Middle school was bad. I very rarely had a teacher I liked, and if I could have I probably would have dropped out. Between Ms. Parker (total hag!), and Mrs. Gallahue (guess what we changed “hue” to when she turned her back? ha), and ohhh Mr. Landers… yeah, middle school sucked!!

Anyway, my point is, teachers leave a lasting impression on us. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s there for life. If you can’t remember one of your teachers, chances are, he or she wasn’t great or horrible. That’s fine, too, but we need more of the teachers that are outstanding. I realize that with budget cuts and all, and our country not making education a priority, it’s hard to even find teachers like that anymore. Really, though, they must be somewhere.

If you’ve been around my blog for any amount of time, surely you’ve read about the girls and how they are dealing with major bullying. There are teachers that put a stop to the bullying, and there are teachers that turn their head and ignore the bullying. Gracelynn’s teacher has made it clear that she doesn’t really like her, so when Grace has issues she doesn’t even feel comfortable telling her teacher that she’s being bullied. The last incident she had with her teacher involved a boy slamming her head against the wall, Grace trying to kick him off of her, and her teacher grabbing her wrist and flinging her around to yell at her.

However, for every 10 bad teachers, there’s 1 good teacher… and thankfully, we found a great teacher for Sapphire! Today, we got a letter in the mail from her. Sapphire just started school with her a few weeks ago, and we were really nervous about the change. But, it seems like she is adjusting well. This is what the (hand-written! gasp!) letter said:

I am just writing to you to let you know how glad I am to have Sapphire in my class.

Sapphire is a delightful, spunky girl with a great, positive attitude. She is very bright, attends to her work well, and is always eager to help me or any of her classmates.

Saphire has blended into our class as seamlessly as if she’d been here all year.

Thanks for giving me the chance to know your daughter!

*wipes away tears*

I’m so serious. A teacher sent this to us! In the mail. Can you believe it? This is the type of teacher that deserves a raise. Deserves an award. Deserves a Golden Globe! Okay maybe not the Golden Globe but something gold and shiny and awesome! A teacher that takes time out of her schedule to hand-write such a nice note and mail it, I mean … that just doesn’t happen these days!

I think Gracelynn’s teacher could learn a thing or two from this woman. She’s amazing, and I’m so thankful for her. If your child has a good teacher, be sure to let him or her know how much they are appreciated!!

Tell me about some experiences you’ve had with teachers… good and bad!


  1. Stephanie Nash at Reply

    That is awesome! I am so happy you don’t have to worry about that mess for right now!

  2. melissa at Reply

    Back in middle school I had a language arts teacher that was old and crotchety – a hag, or so I thought! She was strict but she was preparing us for high school. I told her off in a way that I wouldn’t get into trouble (with my moms permission) andfrom that day I became her pet! She was the butt of many of my practical jokes which I secretly believe she enjoyed! Sure wish my kids had Mrs. S.

  3. Racheal Loughlin at Reply

    I was an IEP student, and I was in an all male ‘slow’ or ‘special’ english class. It was me and about 6 males. In 8th grade, it was really bad. One boy, while we had a sub, pulled his pants down infront of me. Another time, they were telling me to ‘suck it’ on several occasions, and another time, one boy was bouncing a ball on the wall, it landed in the bucket of dirty water and he decided to throw it at my face. Thankfully, my dad taught me some karate and I had fast reflexes. All these things happened when my teacher was not there. When there was sub. It was horrible. It got to the point where… as soon as they did something, I just got up and left the room. I would grab my back pack, I wouldn’t even sign out for a pass, I would just leave and go to the guidance consolers office, or the main office. I was bullied on the bus, every single day. It got to the point where I did not want to go to school. I would cry and throw a fit about going on the bus. I didn’t want to be picked on anymore. I didn’t want to go to english class.. It was for these reasons that I hated school and tried to kill myself. I had no intervention, I had no help… and to this day I am emotionally scared from all the torment.
    I am glad your girls got the help they needed, I am glad they transferred schools, and I am glad to see an improvement. Bullying is a big problem and the reasoning that ‘kids are just mean’ isn’t good enough.

  4. Felicia Winnett at Reply

    I had two terrible teachers. Both were math teachers how about that…a subject I struggled with due to number dyslexia that they never caught and was only found out in College by a Professor that only knew me for a day… Anyway in 8th grade I had Mr. Olsen he found some kind of sick pleasure in pointing me out in class calling me names and how i would never amount to anything, he had some tenure thing that protected him from loosing his job despite all of the complaints and reports from parents. He did the same to other students that struggled too…wherehe should have been helping them succeed he worked on bringing us down. The other teacher was Ms. Garcia SHE was terrible. I had to take her class to graduate High School and I was fighting to stay above water she refused to ever make time to help me get a grip on the mechanics. Finally when finals happened I failed her test, and being her last class and the second to last day of school she left…I was flat out told I could not graduate or walk the stage, even with family flown in from across the country. With much debate on the poor teaching practices and her COMPLETE inavailability to help or allow for a retake, I agreed to take a test from a teacher I had the year before. Mr. Challender…he was a hard teacher to take tests for but I knew he understood my struggle. Low and behold I passed HIS test with a B. A flipping B! How did I get an F with Ms. Garcia? I never found out nor did I care. A teacher that cared let me have another chance and gave me something I could understand…algebraic word problems…and I succeeded because of him. So there it is…two bad eggs and one golden one. I loved all my other teachers but those two, but Mr. Challender was my saving grace in a decade of struggles so I had to mention him as my favorite. <3

    • SlapDashMom at Reply

      Ms. Parker (the worst teacher everrr) was a math teacher, too! lol

      Glad you had a good one thrown in there too! :)

  5. Becca at Reply

    A) If Gracelynn’s teacher grabbed my son like that there would be MAJOR problems in that school.
    B)My eldest son (almost 13) had a Ms. Parker for Kindergarten I did my best and should have just Yanked him from school. She was horrible. He was in the principals office everyday and always in trouble. She taught 6,5,4, and I do believe 1 grades. The excuse she just can’t find he Niche. The reality SHE was a BAD TEACHER.
    C) Your right its these BAD TEACHERS that are bringing down our education system. They are in the career only for the vacations and they think it is an easy job where they won’t have to work hard.

    I can’t say I had any horrible teachers, my 3rd grade teacher kept me after school everyday and we did my homework. She stayed with me until it was done I went to the detention room and waited for the bus she went home to her family. The problem is many teachers don’t want to teach anymore. They don’t want to do the job and its sad.

  6. Do you feel that it would be beneficial to change the ways of paying teachers (i.e. performance based pay increase)? Teachers Unions now prevent that and go through great lengths to stop teachers from getting out of the unions to become a part of such programs. Don’t get me wrong though, unions are beneficial… but it sometimes seems as if they prevent reprimand where needed as well as prevent compliments and rewards where needed.

  7. Jessica at Reply

    Have you thought about nominating her for Teacher of the Year?

    It’s teachers like that that are totally deserving.

  8. Heather F at Reply

    I’ve been dealing with some teacher issues just these last two weeks. The 3 5th grade teachers at my daughters school divided up their classes into “good” students, and the “goofball” class!! They then individually called each child in the “goofball” class to the front of the class, showed their test scores to the entire class and explained chastised them about the scores! The students were then told that if they told their parents about this, they would be spending the day with the principal. Needless to say, I had a meaating with the principal and things already have changed…..except, I have lost all respect for these teachers and I am watching them all like hawks!! Strangly enough, I was the only parent out of 70 students to complain.

  9. Barbara at Reply

    This was a good read. Praying for more good teachers and less bad for all of our children :)

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