easy diaper cake tutorial

easy diaper cake tutorial under $15

Putting together this awesome and unique baby shower gift only takes about 30 minutes and $15.00. Use this Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial to help inspire your own diaper cake craft! Email completed photos to slapdashmomATgmailDOTcom and I will publish them at the bottom of this post with a link back to your blog (or with your name if you are not a blogger)!

Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial

First, gather your supplies. For this simple square diaper cake, the only supplies I used were:

  • diapers (Buy diapers in bulk)
  • travel size baby items ($3)
  • round cardboard cake piece ($2 but you can easily make your own)
  • ribbon (on hand)
  • tape (on hand)
  • optional: rubberbands (I did not use these because I didn’t have any, but they are helpful)
  • You can add rattles, toys, full size baby products, etc to yours, but I like very simple diaper cakes. To accompany the diaper cake, I am giving the mom-to-be a diaper bag full of full-size products that will help her during the first months of mommyhood, along with some extra diapers – because we know how fast those go!

  • easy diaper cake tutorial

    Fold the diapers in half, and alternate the way you stack them. I believe I used 15-17 for each row on the bottom layer, but you can make yours smaller or larger. If you’re going to stack more than 15 or so, I suggest using rubberbands to secure smaller stacks, and then wrapping the ribbon around the entire row. Lost yet? :)

    easy square diaper cake tutorial

    I cut the ribbon to the length I needed, and wrapped each row with a thick piece of satin, followed by a very thin piece of satin. You can use any type of ribbon, or even tulle – whatever you have on hand is best. I secured the ribbon with a small piece of rolled up tape in the back of the cake. NONE of the tape was visible on this diaper cake, but I used a LOT.

    cheap diaper cake tutorial

    After wrapping vertically with ribbon, wrap it horizontally as well. It really makes it “POP”. Use scrap pieces of ribbon to make little bows.

    easy diaper cake tutorial

    Add toys, baby wash, etc to your diaper cake – secure with hidden tape if possible. With the round diaper cakes, I always put a baby bottle, baby shampoo, or a big box of wipes in the center – so that’s a possibility as well if you are trying to put as many things as you can in/on your diaper cake.

    easy diy diaper cake

    This diaper cake takes less than an hour to make, and less than $15 in supplies (even cheaper if you have more on hand!), and will be the hit of ANY baby shower! Don’t forget to send me your photos so I can add them to my post!


  1. I always love these at Baby showers. They are so cute and shows you took some time to make a present. I have made a few of them and they are so easy.
    Debi@ The Spring Mount 6 Pack recently posted..Facebook Funny- Don’t Worry Big GirlsMy Profile

  2. I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of the diaper cake thing. But, that being said, I do really like the simple look to yours, especially the dark blue ribbon. It’s nice to see something other than traditional pastel colors! :)
    Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] recently posted..4 Halloween Costume Ideas from Face OffMy Profile

  3. This looks cute. I havent seen any square ones before. I have made a few round ones in my days.
    robyn recently posted..The Do’s & Dont’s of Halloween MakeupMy Profile

  4. This is one I could actually afford to make and one that looks easy enough for my craft-challenged self to pull together too!
    Mariah recently posted..10 Easy Halloween Crafts to do with KidsMy Profile

  5. My daughter got the cutest diaper cake at her shower! I had no clue how easy they are to make! They are awesome, you’d think it would require manuals and graphs and charts to put together!! They make super gifts!
    Ronni Keller recently posted..International Delight Iced Coffee Making a Wake Me Up PartyMy Profile

  6. I love how simple, unique nd cute this is! You always see the round ones but never square ones! So neat!

  7. Wow! I wish I was more crafty! I would have loved to have done something like this at my friend’s baby shower!
    Susan Bewley recently posted..Keurig Vue V700My Profile

  8. I love diaper cakes and this is too cute!
    Jamie recently posted..FREE Amazon E-Books!My Profile

  9. I always wondered how the heck you did those. One of my friends makes those and they always look amazing. Yours rocks!
    Ashley S recently posted..Comment on Monday Quiz About Me by SadieMy Profile

  10. Thank you so much, this will come in handy in the future. Thank you for sharing..
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  11. Great tut and gift looks fab

  12. Maddie k. at Reply

    This is really cute. You did a great job.

  13. Sharalee at Reply

    i will be making a diaper cake for my sis in law next week for her baby shower. i got one for my 3rd kid and loved it.

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