One of the most challenging parts of being a LuLaRoe consultant is making sure you stand out amongst the rest. It's true that LuLaRoe consultants don't compete like other direct sales consultants do, mostly due to the fact that LLR only makes a small amount of each fabric print. This means each rep has her own inventory! Everyone isn't fighting over selling the same 10, 20, or even 100 items!

UPDATE: Why I stopped selling LuLaRoe and what happened when I left the cult

Even though there's no competition, it's important to be memorable. Most of my friends join literally 100 LuLaRoe groups. How in the world are they going to remember you instead of the next rep? Hint: They're not, unless you do something about it! I've teamed up with Serena McRae, a super awesome (and unique!) LuLaRoe consultant who was kind enough to share some awesome photo inspiration with us. Join her VIP group for even more ideas (and to shop, of course!)

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Creative Ways to Photograph LuLaRoe for Consultants

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flat lay photo tips for lularoe fashion consultants

Creative LuLaRoe Photography by Serena McRae

Madison Skirt, Canon camera, The Arabian Nights
Nicole Dress LuLaRoe by Serena McRae

Nicole Dress, Bath & Body Works lotion, Alice In Wonderland
How to Style an Irma, by Serena McRae

Serena does an amazing job telling a story with her photography. Pictured here: Irma Tunic, Mossimo bag, vintage Polaroid camera, hand-made hemp belt, and a Creek Street Troll from a little town in Alaska.
LuLaRoe Nicole Dress, styled by Serena McRae

Serena says, “This style inspiration was for anyone intimidated by busy prints!” A Nicole dress, Mossimo Jean jacket, Mossimo boots, thrifted tin ear rings and leather belt, and a collection of works from Ralph Waldo Emerson.
How to Style LuLaRoe for Photos

Nicole dress, market bag, Nordstrom hat.
LuLaRoe Irma Tunic paired with a Cassie pencil skirt.

Irma Tunic paired with a Cassie pencil skirt. Miscellaneous notebooks.
LuLaRoe Nicole dress with Vans

Nicole dress with red Vans, World Market paper hat and an issue of Edible Baja Arizona.
How to take pictures of LuLaRoe Inventory: Azure by Serena McRae
Azure skirt, scarf, vintage Polaroid camera, hand-made hemp belt, and National Geographic: Wide Angle.

LuLaRoe Style Ideas by Serena McRae
Leggings, handmade ear rings with LuLaRoe Serena McRae insignia and The Bee Book from Discovery Kingdom.

LuLaRoe Madison Skirt style ideas
Madison skirt, fashion scarf, Classic Poetry, vintage necklace.
How to style LuLaRoe for flat lay pictures

Maxi skirt, Mossimo Jean jacket, Nordstrom belt, necklace, Edible Baja Arizona.
LuLaRoe Madison paired with Lindsay

Madison skirt, Lindsay kimono, Illustrated Fairy Tales.
How to take LuLaRoe pics: Madison

Madison skirt, accessories, Aesop's Fables

How to Style LuLaRoe for Pictures

How do you like to style your LuLaRoe? Let me know in the comments!