how many calories can you burn on zumba kinect

I have been taking classes at the gym for probably a month now, and the calorie burn I get when I go is GREAT! I usually burn 1200 or more calories in a little under 2 hours, and I actually have fun while doing it (sometimes). I can burn 600-700 calories in an hour on the elliptical, and about 500 on the treadmill while walking. But how many calories can I burn on the Kinect? I put two games to the test this morning to find out!

I tried Michael Phelps: Push the Limit and must say that I am impressed with how much work virtual swimming can make your arms do!

I also must say that I’m not impressed with how long it took me to get a game started. I put the game in at 8:30 and didn’t get a game going until 8:39. That was 9 minutes cut out of my calorie burning time. I made sure the kinect and sensors were working properly, it was just the game that was a bit wonky. I was disappointed. If I spend $50 on a game, I want it to work. So, anyway, after I finally got it working, I had a blast!

calorie burn on kinect

I burned nearly 200 calories in 30 minutes – well about 20 minutes if you count the hiccups with the game. So 200 calories in 20 minutes would be 600 calories in 60 minutes. The differences between this game and the gym are A)you don’t stop at the gym, you continually work out for 60 minutes and don’t have to worry about a blip in a game, and B)you can easily work your entire body at the gym, whereas this game only really works your arms. It is, however, an amazing arm work out and I will be adding it to my weekly work out list!

Next, I tried Zumba Fitness Rush, which yielded much better results. It took only about 2 minutes to sign into my profile and get a game going.

how many calories can you burn on zumba kinect

I burned about 350 calories in 30 minutes, which would be 700 in an hour. For an hour long zumba class at the gym, I can burn anywhere from 700 to 900 depending on the teacher and the intensity, so this was definitely comparable.

Final Thoughts

When I go to the gym, I feel like I’m more “in the zone” than I was at home. Between the phone ringing and Isis wanting to dance with me while I was attempting to Zumba, it was hard to stay focused. All that matters, though, is that I got a good calorie burn in while not even having to leave my bedroom!

So what was that excuse you were using, again? Can’t afford the gym? I bet you can afford a $10 workout DVD (like the 30 Day Shred), and you can still get that calorie burn in at home!


  1. I a lot of exercise with my Wii and it’s really helped! I haven’t given it a shot on Kinect yet though. :)
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    • SlapDashMom at Reply

      I did zumba on the wii and it was a really good calorie burn! I wasn’t able to track it with my body bugg because I didn’t have one at the time, but I know it’s a good one. :) Also the boxing… I loved the boxing.

  2. Um..well, this is a bit embarrassing, but I’d probably fall through our crappy trailer floors if I tried doing any of it lol. I cannot WAIT to move. When we do, I’m buying myself an XBox, and getting the Kinect so that I can do some of this stuff. lol!
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    • SlapDashMom at Reply

      The swimming game required very little moving.. just the arms.. definitely wouldn’t make you fall through the floor. :) And the zumba was just walking back and forth and waving your arms. I can’t do high impact stuff like jumping – and yes the Shred would probably put you through the floor lol.

  3. I use the Wii for most of my workouts, the Zumba I love! When the music comes on I can’t help but move :) I also do several other of the exercise that we have on the Wii.
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  4. That is seriously interesting and I guess answers a question I had about your “calorie burn” counter — I guess you can use it anywhere? Ok.. now I think I’ll have the cookie you didn’t eat to celebrate!
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  5. I have the Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii and love it (when I actually do it). Even when I can’t get the moves exactly right and mess up, I still get a good workout and be dripping of sweat within 20 minutes.
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  6. I think I need this. I’m terrible about getting my butt to the gym. Plus, a few 20 minute workouts are way easier to fit in than trying to find time to get a full hour in at the gym.
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  7. I have a WII and I think I should use it more!
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  8. Brittany at Reply

    I love Zumba Rush on kinect! I burn way more calories than in an actual Zumba class cause I want my 5 stars, so I keep going til I get them!

    It is also great cause I don’t have to find a babysitter to watch my wee one. He just dances with me.

  9. Kristy at Reply

    Try doing the fun games like the camp one that comes with it or disneyland adventures. Those are way bigger workouts and are so much more fun. The long intro time is only when you first begin, and I find the glitches bareable if I can keep the kids out of the way!

  10. disluvs4u at Reply

    Hi…I started zumba kinect two weeks now and i really enjoy it
    although I can do only 20 mins :)..some moves I can’t get but it’s fun..hope to see some results soon


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