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1. Be passionate. Choose a niche that you can see yourself writing about for a LONG time.
2. Comment on blogs with commentluv. DO NOT, I repeat do not leave a comment saying "Great post! Come visit my blog at". That is the easiest way to get put on the Annoying Bloggers List. Also a great way to get marked as SPAM.
3. Purchase a domain name. A .com is best.
4. Go with right away.
5. Set up a Facebook fan page, Twitter page, Pinterest page, and G+ page. Now. ;)
6. Guest post on other blogs. I accept guest posts, sometimes. Just email me!
7. Grammar. Spelling. OH MY GOSH... fix it. Make sure you don't have any typos on your posts - and at the very least, know the difference between "to", "too", and "two". "Their", "there", etc. I don't write in "proper" writing style, but I spell things correctly. That is what's important.
8. Post often. At least a few times a week!
9. Realize you won't make money right away! It takes a lot of hard work to make any money with blogging.
10. Less is more. Do not clutter your sidebars!
11. Ask a question at the end of your blog posts. Also known as a "call to action", it will encourage comments and reader interaction.
12. Keep a list of blog post ideas. I keep a running tab of ideas in Notepad. If another blog post inspires me, I just put the link in Notepad and check it later.
13. Keep post length in mind when you are writing. If your post is going to be 1000 words or more, consider breaking it up into a 2 or 3-part series.
14. Link to your favorite blog posts. The blog owner will see that you linked to them, which gets you on their radar.
15. 97 Ideas for Building a Valuable Platform
16. 9 Ways to Make Money Blogging
17. Take time off if you need it. Your readers will understand. On the same note, don't take time off too often or people will move on.
18. Have an email list people can subscribe to. Create a free ebook and give it out as a "thank you" for subscribing.
19. 21 Quick Actions for Massive Blog Success
20. If you haven't already, create a detailed "About" page. Your readers will love it!
21. Patt Flynn
22. Archives of Quick Blog Tips
23. Be thankful. Say "thank you". Show people you appreciate it when they share your content.
24. Create a Clickable Map! I have SO many ideas for this one!!
25. Be interesting and post positive ideas. It’s harder to keep an audience, if you’re always negative and whining.
26. Lay off the excuses, and the "I'm sorry" posts. We know you've slacked and it's been a week since you've updated, you don't have to apologize. Just post!
27. Email List Strategies
28. Use nrelate or another "popular posts" plugin to display your popular posts on the sidebar of your blog.
29. Always use images on your posts. Even if it's a stock image (give credit where credit is due), make sure you have one in each and every post. Make sure the images are good, too!
30. Not exactly a blog, but it makes money! Try Squidoo.
31. Get Explosive, Targeted Traffic - for FREE!
32. How to Make Your Blog Stand Out
33. Make it EASY for people to contact you. I have my email address in my sidebar (no, I haven't seen an increase in spam). I also have a "contact form" on my About page. Make. It. Easy.
34. Don't obsess over your stats. This is waaaay easier said than done, as I click refresh like 56 times a day on my stats, but you shouldn't do it. Trust me.
35. Consider building a niche site.
36. Create a video.
37. Learn SEO. Yes, it may be painful, but it's not as bad as it seems! Try Yoast SEO. It walks you through the steps. You want your posts to be GREEN. Or yellow at the least. NEVER red.
38. On that same note, don't write just for SEO. Write for yourself, write for your readers, but don't write just for the search engines.
39. Complete Beginners Guide to SEO
40. Back-up your blog. It's so important to back your blog up on a regular basis! If you don't know how to do this, ask your web designer or host. Need helpful hosting? Try Stone Alley.
41. Do a podcast.
42. MindMap: Ways to Make Money
43. Write amazing headlines. That's what makes people click!
44. Write about something that you don't usually write about - step outside your comfort zone.
45. Make money with Adsense.
46. If you haven't already, start a list for post ideas. I like to have at least 10 ideas at all times... sometimes more.
47. Link back to yourself, and others. In every post you create, you need to link back to another post you have. It will help lower your bounce rate, AND hep raise your pageviews!
48. Make your posts EASY to share! Install Shareaholic, Digg Digg, or another sharing plugin. I don't want to have to work to do you a favor, ya know?
49. Do keyword research.
50. Don't be afraid of change. Rebranding is something that scares many bloggers. If it's something you feel passionate about, go for it! Don't do it on a whim, be sure to sleep on it before making any huge decisions... but change is usually good.

Ben - Hey, thanks for the link to Quick Blog Tips – much appreciated :D

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