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My Sweet Josie,

In some ways it feels like I saw you just yesterday and in other ways it feels like it's been an eternity. Sometimes it feels like it was all just a bad dream, and I should come home to you today, tomorrow, and every day. It's been 9 years!

josephine palermo 2008 NEW JERSEY

I always have a whole lot to say, until it comes time to put paper to pen – or in this case, fingers to keyboard. Mostly, I have so many questions. You're at the age where you're becoming your own person and I wonder about all of it. Your temperament, your love of… what? Do you like dogs as much as we do, or are you a cat kind of person? Do you love all animals or only a few? Does your Mom take you to the zoo? Do you rescue injured birds like your sisters do? Do you squeal with delight when you catch a frog like I do, or do you run in the other direction like Grace does?

Do you like school? Perhaps drive your teachers crazy, or at least one of them? Talk too much in class? Yeah, me too!

Do you run around barefoot and care-free? Thanks to the internet (yay, Facebook!), I know a few things about you (like you like to dance and cook!), but I wonder so much more. What kind of dance? Is it something you love or kind of deal with because it's something to do? Do you like cooking all things or just pancakes? Baking like Jenelle? Do you love spicy foods as much as we do? Do you hate salt, like Sapphire does?

I have a feeling you and your sisters will connect on social media when the time is right. At least, I can always hope that, right?

So many questions, and nobody here to answer them. It's been another day, week, month, year. Happy birthday, baby girl. You'll always be mine in my heart, Josephine.



P.S. I signed it differently this year. I haven't done anything to earn the title of “Mom”. I didn't raise you, and though it wasn't my choice to have you taken from me, “Mom” is reserved for the woman who is raising you. It took a while for me to realize that, as the phrase “birth mom” has always stung a little a lot.

P.P.S. If you're anything like my other girls, 9 will be an emotionally trying year for your mom, so I wish her the best of luck!

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