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Disclaimer: Our kids are total slobs and still don't clean up after themselves without some bribing nudging, but in this sponsored post for Bounty we're going to chat about how we can get them to have a little fun cleaning up.


3 Ways to Get Kids to Clean Up After Themselves

Make it fun. We all know kids are great at making messes, but cleaning them up is another story. Get them excited about cleaning up by making it fun! How did we make it fun? We downloaded the Despicable Me 3 Soundtrack, grabbed some Despicable Me 3 Bounty paper towels, and promised the kids to take them to see the new Despicable Me 3 movie if they all cleaned up without fighting.


In celebration of the new Despicable Me 3 movie, Bounty is introducing limited-edition Bounty with new Despicable Me 3 prints paper towels and quilted napkins that make clean-up quick and fun!

despicable me 3 bounty

These prints are adorable. The kids were looking for more stuff to clean so they could see if their favorite Minions were on the roll.

Keep a routine. Our kids don't have set chores but they know that they each have to clean up daily. In the morning we will tell one to feed the dogs, one to do the dishes, and one to dump the trash. In the evening if there's more to clean up, one will clean the table off, one will feed the dogs, while the other cleans the counters off. Using Bounty paper towels ensures the cleaning will be done sooner rather than later because it takes a while to run out of paper towels now. When we bought the cheap brands, the kids would use 10 paper towels at once and still not get the countertops clean! Now, it's one and done.

bounty despicable me 3 paper towels

Give lots of praise. Some kids need tons of praise while others are fine without it, but we've noticed that our girls all three respond relatively well to positive praise. Sapphire especially is the type of kid that will go above and beyond if she knows you're going to notice. Just this week, she cleaned the entire kitchen without asking while we were at the gym! A few days later, Jenelle did the same. Even if you don't think your kids need lots of praise, try it and see how it goes. A little love goes a long way!

bounty despicable me 3

Keep the celebration going and be sure to check out Despicable Me 3, rated PG, in theaters NOW!

Despicable Me 3


Prize pack:

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Winner is Meagan P!

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  1. I love how much I can clean with one Bounty paper towel. My kids love to help me wipe counters and Bounty withstands kids. I love Despicable Me for the minions!

  2. Ok this Bounty pattern is amazing! Bounty holds up better than other brands! And what’s not to like about Despicable Me??!! So funny!

  3. I love the minions! I haven’t seen Despicable me 3 yet but the other two were great. I like how the bounty rolls last a long time.

  4. I can relate to the minions having 4 myself; 5 if you count the “adult” one i married! Bounty is our go to because the roll seems to keep going and going; much like my daughters attitude.

  5. I love these ideas. I have found that making it fun and making it a game is the only way I can get my 10 year old to clean up without complaint.

    and The Minions are just awesome! Who doesn’t love Despicable me for that reason alone? :)

  6. I love Bounty because their paper towels actually work without tearing. Despicable Me is a new fav in our house by my 1 year old. He thinks the minions are hilarious!!!

  7. i love bounty because I can use less to clean. we love despicable me because they are so funny

  8. I remember last time they had paper towels with minions! Big hit here :) I can’t wait to see them come to our store!
    I am with you on bounty. I love how durable and long lasting they are! And the different fun characters they pretty much always have out helps too.
    Puts a smile on the kids faces when they help out!
    And love Despicable Me because the minions are awesome! Lol!

  9. My 4.5 year old boy would LOVE those paper towels!! ???? Maybe he’ll be willing to help clean if I got them!

  10. As a single mom to 5 kids, I’m used to getting generic or buying things from the Dollar Store. I love that Bounty is affordable without having to go generic and it’s so absorbent. My favorite character from Despicable Me is Gru but I love how quotable all the movies are. My kids and I are always going around saying “Curse you tiny toilet!” or “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” lol
    Lisa Clark recently posted..Fidget Spinner Craze – What You Need to KnowMy Profile

  11. Bounty is the best! I don’t have to use nearly as much cleaning up around the house as I would other brands. As for Despicable Me? The Minions crack me up every time!

  12. I love Bounty because of all the great prints. I’m a sucker for printed paper towels, especially at the holidays.
    I love the minions because…they’re SO FLUFFY!

  13. I follow you on Pinterest as Kelly McGrew, and my fave thing about Bounty is that it’s honestly worth the money, it is more absorbent and less breakable than generic/store brands. It is also soft enough when wet to use to wipe up the face which I like!

  14. Bounty is the only brand we use. It’s tough durable & efficient. Despicable Me 3 looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I follow you on Pinterest at Kristin18k. I have young kids so they are always making a mess. I love the versatility of Bounty – it seems like they can handle any job. My family thinks the Minions are hilarious. Our favorite one is Kevin.

  16. I am following you on Pinterest. I love Bounty because it works! Even though it can be a litle more expensive, it is always worth the money. With three kids, a cat, two dogs, and a rabbit, we always have a mess in the house. This way, we can use less to clean up more! I like the Minions because they are funny, and make bad situations look hilarious.

  17. I follow you on Pinterest under mommy2luke. My favorite thing about Bounty is that they pick up so well! I love Despicable Me because it’s funny and really heartfelt!

  18. I follow you via Pinterest. I love Bounty paper towels because they really are very absorbent! I love the Minions because they are so very cute!

  19. I follow you on Pinterest – janetfaye

    I like Bounty because it is soft and absorbs very good. I like Despicale Me and the Minions because they make me laugh.

  20. I like bounty because it does not leave a residue on my mirrors when I am finished cleaning….I love the minions!

  21. I love how absorbent bounty towels are and I think the minions are super cute

  22. Love bounty because it doesn’t take the whole roll to do one job! I ise it everyday cleaning my granite counter tops! My family loves the minions!! Gru is so funny and we just can’t get enough of the little yellow dudes!!

  23. Bounty is the only brand we buy when we use paper towels! They withstand actual use! Minions are also super adorable!!

  24. I follow on pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/johnverse68/
    I like that bounty tackles my messes and is reasonable price.
    I love despicable me because all the minions are good at heart and they bring out the child at heart in even the adults

  25. New follower on Pinterest

    Bounty is a very thick, absorbent paper towel compared to other brands.

    Despicable Me is such a wonderful, hilarious, fun family series. Soooooo desperate to see Despicable Me 3!

  26. Followed on Pinterest lildevilgirl24. I like bounty because it is strong and cleans well.
    I like despicable me because it is funny and good to watch with the family.

  27. Despicable me is cute and funny.
    I love Bounty becomes you do not have to use a lot of paper towels to clean up a mess, their thickness helps cleans up a mess with 1-2 sheets.
    pinterest follower @sweetums82

  28. Bounty is my paper towel brand. I love it because it is the most absorbent. I love Despicable Me because it is something both me and the kids enjoy!

  29. I love Bounty because it comes in the ‘pick your size’ and doesn’t use that much to pick up wet messes! I feel like I’m not wasting as much as with other paper towels. And I have loved every Despicable Me movie…Gru is awesome…and I love the Minions!

  30. I followed you on pinterest under pam ohl I love Bounty because it is strong and you use less than other brands of paper towels and Despicable me I just love there voices and my little niece loves them

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