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10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Pet

If you love your pet as much as I love Isis, I’m sure you are planning on getting him or her a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Pet

10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Pet

Cat Nip

valentines day gift for cat

Catnip says “I Love You” to a cat like roses and chocolate do to a woman! On Etsy, you can get 3 customized cat nip hearts for 5 bucks!

Yogurt Drizzled Rawhides

valentines day gift for dog

Isis would go crazy over yogurt dipped rawhides! And you get 15 of them for just $7.99! Maybe your dog will stop chewing on your shoes now. Highly unlikely, but a girl can dream.

Gourmet Horse Treats

valentines day gift for horse

Do you have a gorgeous horse that you love to spoil? If so, these gourmet carrot treats will be perfect. You get 8oz for $6.50!

Spoiled Dog Gift Basket

dog gift basket valentines day

Suppose you have $145 sitting around and you are thinking, “Wow, I really want to spend this on my dog!”… then this is the gift basket for you. The Spoiled Dog Gift Basket is “only” $145. Sweet! ;)

Raspberry Chews

valentines day gift for gerbil

Your guinea pig, rabbit, chinchilla, gerbil, or hamster will love these 40 raspberry chews. Yum, right? ;) They’re $15.49.

Custom Ceramic Food Bowl

valentines day gift for dogs

Isis would be eating in style with one of these bowls! They’re $30.00, but 100% customized and so adorable. Plus, this seller has lots of great feedback!

Four Poster Bed

valentines day gifts for pets

Spoil the heck out of your pet with this custom four poster bed! Isis would just eat it, but if you have a pet that actually doesn’t eat everything, this will be perfect. :)

Modern Lofty Pillow

valentines day gifts

Do you have a pet rat? Of course you do. Get this Modern Lofty Pillow for 7 bucks!

All Natural Handmade Dog Treats

valentines day dog treats

I know I’ve favored the dogs in this post, but Isis would be disappointed in me if I didn’t. ;) These all natural dog treats look good enough for humans to eat! I’m sure there’s a disclaimer somewhere not to do that, but they look awesome! And FREE Shipping gets me every time. Just ordered these.

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

I know your cat wants these glasses. No. She needs these glasses! Other than the cat in the photo here, I’m wondering how many cats will actually sit still and wear these things? If you are an owner of one of these cats, you gotta grab these heart shaped glasses. And then send me a picture of your cat wearing them! ;)

What are you getting your furry friend for Valentine’s Day?

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Gloria Walshver - Rocky is very particular about his treats.

Christy Hilton-Hall - Our pets always get something @ every holiday

Mel - Those rawhide are just too cute.

saminder gumer - love these. my dog would love this.

Karen Propes - Great, I love these ideas. I will be getting some special Valentines treats for our little Tazzy. But I really love the bed. He needs a new bed and I love the custom four poster bed. Will be looking into that one tonight. Thanks for the great ideas.

Stacy D. - So cute! I plan to do this for our new puppy!

Gloria Walshver - My dog would love these treats even if its not Valentines Day

Bidisha Banerjee - Awesome gift ideas. Our dog would love them.

polly - love the idea for the yogurt rawhides…our golden retriever will love this! thanks for sharing!

Ari - I wish I knew a steady horse so I could get those gourmet carrot treats.

These are all very cute ideas. And Isis sounds like a fun dog!

Leah Lucas - I love the four poster bed! Puuuurfect for the spoiled cat of mine!

Vaughan Lipscomb - Great ideas for furry friends!

Stephanie - The yogurt covered rawhides are adorable!

Chrystal D - I love the Raspberry Chews! My dogs would love those.

Paula V - Oh I love my doggie dearly. I love that cute bed that looks like a human bed. ha!

Sherry Johnson - My dogs would love the yogurt covered rawhides.

Sherry Johnson - These look good.

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